If you think that selling your house by yourself will be simple and will save you the commission of a real estate agent or real estate agent, I tell you that it is not the easiest way, for all the reasons that we tell you below. Don't miss out if you want to sell your house fast!

# 1 Agents have more contacts than you
Real estate agents or realtors can spread the word that your home is for sale more than yourself. They are immersed in the business and meet thousands of people who can disclose the information, to make contact with hundreds of potential buyers. You can do it? Never at their level.

# 2 You can't see how bad your house is
For you, your house is perfect and you may think that it is exactly what people are looking for, but this is not always the case. A real estate agent will know how to tell you what improvement you should make to attract more potential buyers.

# 3 Real estate or buying agents will not want to negotiate with you
In a sale by owner (that is, you), the buyer's agent knows that there is no professional to negotiate on the other side. As this often causes problems in the buying and selling process, the agent will choose not even to try to get his client to see the house, to stay away from the problems that the amateurs supposedly bring.

# 4 You cannot dedicate full time to the sale
A realtor or real estate agent dedicates his entire life to this purpose, as it is his way of life. Instead you, apart from trying to sell your house, you have to work on your own job and take care of your things.

# 5 Negotiating the sale is uncomfortable
You are not used to that. Instead, a real estate agent, yes. They have all the experience in their favor in negotiations of hundreds of houses, but you, how much experience do you have?

# 6 Closing the deal and effectively selling is complicated
Selling a house is not like selling a bicycle or something else. It is much more complicated and you have to respect an important volume of legal paperwork, which you may not know.

# 7 You run the risk of being sued
By not knowing the legislation, you run the risk of doing something wrong in the sale process and the buyer suing you. This will not happen to you with a professional, who takes responsibility in every step.

You see that to sell the house by yourself you need some experience and a lot of information, therefore, it is always easier to have the help of an expert.

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Hasan Root, a dream lover!