The short days and long nights of the Winter season are in full effect. Some say this earth cycle is the cause of S.A.D's (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and may even lead some to depression. I beg to differ!

Let's not blame nature for the effects of the 'anti-life' lifestyle we have created.

Modern society chooses to ignore the natural order at ever turn. Then we complain when our bodies and psyches, which have evolved as an integral part of nature over millions of years, rebel against our arrogance and indifference to her order.

The winter season completes the cycle of life.

All things that are born in the the spring, flourish in the summer and decline in the autumn, find a suitable and welcome resting place in the dark, cold, peace of the annual night.

With the exception of the evergreens, the life force which just a few months ago, celebrated it's luxuriousness in the leaves and flowers of plants; has now moved below the earth. The maintenance of leaf and flower under these adverse conditions, is an excess that would encourage the death of most plants in the northern hemisphere.

The roots of the plant tribes take on the leadership role during the winter.

They've stored up light force which was abundant in past seasons. The roots system, like our nervous system is responsible for keeping the plant grounded. It anchors the plant, shrub or tree to the earth. When the strong winds of winter push against the exposed parts of the plant, they rely on the roots to hold firm and not allow the wind to dislodge them from their home.

In kind, humans who have lived through this cycle recognize the necessity to pare down on extraneous activities that draw upon the inner fire.

When we encounter the cold, dark, silence of life's winter, we have to rely on the life force we have stored up in our psycho-emotional channels during times of abundance to balance the effects of the pernicious external influences.

We must remain firm in our instinctive capacity to weather the storm. And find the resolve to hold fast to the adaptive, indigenous cultural measures we have evolved over generations on this earth.

What the well meaning holistic health movement has come to popularize as S.A.D's is actually natures inner clock, calling us to return to our first estate.

To enjoy the inner peace and contentment of stillness and reserve. To remember the patience of womb time. Simply 'being' in the dark without fear, without expectation, without rush.

Here are some practices you can adopt to align yourself with the spirit of the season:

-Incorporate more hot-dry foods into your diet. Baked goods that radiate warmth are healing to the bones and reassuring to the psyche. Foods should be cooked on a slow fire. Allowing the heat to seep deep into the food, so that it may seep deep into you.

-Eat more root foods- This is where the light force is hiding in the dark season. Yams, rutabagas, celeriac, batata, sweet potato, carrot, turnip, maca, yucca, ginseng, codinopsos, taro, beets. Use the spicy and salty herbs to balance the winter energy.

-Take your exercise indoors- Unless you are an athlete, reduce the intensity, or frequency of your workouts. Get involved in more Yin type exercises like Yoga and Qi Gong. If training outdoors, try to keep it between the hours of 12 and 3PM, when the sun is high.

-Pause and reflect- What is the state of your personal resources. What is the state of your relationship to spirit, your health, your peace of mind. Don't turn this into a quiz show. Just pose the question and sit quietly with yourself each day. Allow the insights to bubble to the surface.

-Don't push, pull- This is a time to be grateful for what we have. Take a personal inventory of what we have accomplished and what we own. Take some time to "just enjoy" what already is, before we begin grabbing for the next shiny object.

-Increase your spiritual devotions- Take advantage of the inability to be out and about by spending more time immersed in divine communion. Check in with the Source of your being. Build a strong connection that you can carry into the hustle and bustle of the world when the call to expand arrives once again.

-Draft the blueprint of what you want to manifest in the coming year. Then, visualize the manifestation of this blueprint daily. As it is written, so shall it be.

As we well know, heat rises and cold descends. It's time to lay low, ground your ener-chi, allow the moisture within to build up slowly in anticipation of the returning moist/hot Spring cycle. Allow your self some lazy time. Get the extra zzzzzzzzz's you need to repair, restore and complete your body, mind, heart, spirit connection.

There will be plenty of time come spring, for the hustle and grind. I guarantee you, the rat race will be there waiting upon your return.

But now we are called to slow dance. If we dance cheek to cheek with our common mother, attentive to the music of her ancient-future, re-cycling wisdom rhythms; we can avoid suffering the consequences of big headed folly.

Let's transform S.A.D.'s into: Seasonal . Alignment . Dancing under the Stars.

Author's Bio: 

Kazi is Chief Lifestyle Officer at My Body Temple-Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching. Kazi is Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist servicing Central New Jersey as a mobile practitioner.

Kazi's presentations amd workshops allow kindred spirits to discover, share and evolve their personal wisdom gifts in a supportive and encouraging environment.