Now is the time to become a "smart" entrepreneur about your business by doing more not less. What I mean by "doing more" is increasing your sales and marketing efforts. Instead of pulling back as many entrepreneurs are currently doing, beat out your competitors by finding new ways to stay visible.

An economic slowdown can be a problem for your business if you allow it to be. Or, it can be an opportunity to gain new clients and boost your sales if you know and have mastered the marketing and sales methods that work best during these times.

Right now, many successful entrepreneurs are rubbing their hands together in eager anticipation of new opportunities because they know many of their competitors are pulling back. With less competition, it makes it easy for them to go after business.

Consider that although people may be more cautious in spending money, they do still need services. The person they'll do business with will be the one who provides the best value and finds creative ways to stay in front of them.
Here are six sales strategies to maintain and even increase sales, no matter what's going on around you.

1. Follow Up. I'm amazed to hear entrepreneurs say they only follow up one or two times and sometimes never at all. People may not be ready today to buy from you but if they expressed interest, they'll probably be ready to buy in the next several months. They say it can take 7-10 or more touches to move the client to making a buying decision. You want to come up with creative ways to stay in touch, so when they're ready to buy, they'll remember you.

2. Reactivate dormant accounts. Reaching out to past clients can make customers for life. Let them know you're there for them and be generous by offering some ideas to help them in their businesses. One phone call can make a huge difference. Think about it. When was the last time a past vendor called you with some ideas for your business? When you go the extra mile and show them you're there to help them, they'll appreciate you and remember that when they're ready to do business.

3. Make special offers. Offer a product or service at a special low fee for a limited time. Give catchy names to these special offers. Some examples are: Close-out Sale, Scratch and Dent Sale, Half Price Sale, Birthday Sale, My Dog Maxx's Birthday Sale, Xmas Sale, Coupon Sale, Free 30-Day Trial. You'll need to put a time limit on the offer to encourage people to buy now and not later. Also, it helps to explain why you're having the sale, so they know you don't just drop prices whenever you feel like it.

4. Up sell to generate additional revenue. When a client purchases your product, you can offer other services at a nominal fee that will compliment the product they've just purchased. This is done in many places. For example, at many hotels they now charge you a 'resort fee' of $20 a day. And for that fee, they list a series of amenities you receive. Although this is a small fee, with the volume of customers, this fee adds up.

5. Add value to your existing service. During times when your customers may be concerned about pricing, another way to win them over is offering the best value for their dollar. You can do this by enhancing your service with "extras." An extra might be faster delivery than your competitors, a larger selection, easier payment options, or a better guarantee.

6. Be positive. I'm a big believer in staying positive. Now is the time to surround yourself with positive people, say positive affirmations daily, read books that make you feel good, listen to people who share their secrets for achieving success, take time to nurture yourself, and most of all believe in yourself and stay in action!

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Rochelle Togo-Figa, The Sales Breakthrough Expert, is the creator of “The Sales Breakthrough System™”, a proven step-by-step process that will help you close more sales, sign on more clients and make more money with ease and velocity. To learn more about Rochelle’s services and to receive a FREE copy of her special report, “43 Ways to Close More Sales”, visit