If you want change you must “make permanent changes in your life”, no really, a lot of people say that they want change but not many who do start to change last long without reverting back to there old insecure ways. If you can put the effort in to making creating a new Vision of your new Reality the most important part of your day I promise that your new Reality will start to manifest if you allow for time to pass for things to start happening. Ah ha, but the catch is that you need to believe it enough to believe it will work so what to do. The answer is simple, you must start thinking with your Heart and listening with your Head. What feels right about what you should really do and how in the long run it will affect the life of yourself and others around you? For example giving your job up and going being a beach comber in the Sahara may well be good for you but might not be so good for your two year old?
If you really start to sit down every day without interruption of any kind and learn to RELAX and VISUALIZE how you want your life to be you will see effects within days if properly prepared and taken seriously, and within weeks (6 – 8) you will understand that you have complete control of your own Future. Now to un-Chore this load of “hubuey foobuey” the trick is to FOCUS your thoughts throughout the day with the knowledge that you are going to make a “commitment” to yourself that you must improve your life every day for at least 30 minutes by:-
• Designating a time every day to CREATE A NEW REALITY FOR YOURSELF with absolutely NO INTERRUPTIONS. No TV, no people, no radio, NONE. Ambient sounds or music are ok but I still recommend trying it with COMPLETE SILENCE. This must be scheduled into your daily life like going to sleep, eating lunch or going to the bathroom which are all required to function properly just like time for yourself is just as important.

Learning to RELAX. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT TO GET ACROSS. Learning to relax is the most important issue concerning our world today, if your mind is healthy your body will follow suit and so will your MASTER PLAN of the FUTURE. When your body and mind are in a totally relaxed state only then can you access your true potential and gain control of your Reality in such a way that you will soon start to be able to think clearly and give yourself real choices and options instead of just going along with the usual “conditioned” responses that you think you have no control over. When you just sit, do nothing, clear your mind, listen to your breath and make sure there are no disturbances whatsoever, you will after the first few times of doing this feel and understand the true MAGIC that “really relaxing” can do, not just physically but psychologically, mentally and spiritually. Doing this is very easy but it does take practice on a daily basis. If you want change then you will have to do a little bit of it yourself. Exorcise is the best way to help you relax physically and mentally.

“It is a scientific fact that stress is the killer of the World and is the main cause of all the diseases and turmoil which is awash in our Society today”

• VISUALIZE VISUALIZE VISUALIZE. You have already been doing this for years but on a level of restrictions and self-image which in turn give you restrictions of what VISUALIZATIONS you let yourself experience and so get stuck in a “mind catch 22” where your thoughts become stuck in your previous memories which then end up being your Visualization so hence your mind gets caught in the past memories and you forget to forget about them and then become stuck in thinking that that is how things are but really its only your past memories that lock you in to your so called present. So you need to VISUALIZE about new stuff and new aspirations and for this to be really effective YOU MUST BE IN A RELAXED STATE to be able to take your thoughts to the level of mind where you are CREATING your “VISUAL WORLD” in detail and as REAL as you can, actually being there and walking, talking and interacting with your DREAMWORLD (but still awake).

This all might sound a little bit nuts but it’s a scientific fact that when you get down to the smallest particles (electrons, photons, neutrons and quarks) then millions and millions times smaller, Scientists have discovered that at the “Quantum level” there is nothing but pure energy with which you and I and all you see is a part of. Even our thoughts are Energy so if you can start to UNDERSTAND that you do have the CREATIVE POWER to create your REALITY the way you want by using your thoughts which bubble up from this Quantum level and peculate to this reality. it does take an adjustment and a little bit of effort but within a few weeks of DE-HYPNOTIZING yourself you will realize that your life is in your own hands and has always been but now you can re-fuel your mind with the knowledge that it is and always has been your job to CREATE your WORLD and you always have and you always will, but when Science is stating that you physically create you life, world, existence and REALITY including all your feelings and emotions with the way you think, and the way you think about thinking about them can physically change your biology and mental ability but not only that but also change the material also. Every aspect of your life is physically in your power to do with as you please but it works both ways so what you don’t want will also crop up if you are not aware of how all this works. I have formulated a very easy way of remembering this:-

FRV x 60(mins) / knowledge & understanding = New Reality

Focus, Relax, Visualize

1. Focus on Relaxing and Visualizing
2. Learn to RELAX
3. Visualize Visualize Visualize

To learn to RELAX is THE KEY to changing your REALITY, it is the simplest thing to do and you can take control of your world in this state and then start to stop your old ways of thinking and reactions and tune yourself in to your UN-LIMITED potential and the power to create your REALITY. And that is Science my friends.
You have the means and Creative ability to stop and make a commitment to change your REALITY of the way you see the World but this must never be a chore and must become a daily routine of your changed REALITY just like you take a different route to work if you change your job. When I first started out on my journey of change I kept coming across literature and texts of varying subjects which all stated that learning to RELAX is important for the body and mind and I realized that this is KEY on this level of REALITY if any real change is desired. RELAXING MUST BE DONE BEFORE YOU CAN BLANK OUT THIS REALITY BEFORE ANY REAL CHANGE OF CONSCIOUSNESS IS ACHIEVED. For example, sleep can only be achieved once we get into a relaxed state. Once you access this state and the usual mind games that are going on inside your head are totally subsided to nil and you feel disassociated with your body (you forget you are in it) but are totally aware of where you are, is when you can give yourself personal instructions of how you want to change whatever! I started to cure my depression (ha ha) by visualizing myself being happy, confident, full of energy and having an excitement about the world and now 6 years later I now run a business which unravels the truth about the real reality and the scientific science of Consciousness, Quantum Physics, Psychology of the mind/body connection along with the ancient worlds and Spirituality, government corruption and bloodlines, DNA, Cyma tics (study of vibrations on particles) and spin-off’s from some of these and If I do say so myself that is quite a transition over from a truck driver so you can see that to change your reality needs a constant feed of new “visions” from you so that you can “tape over” the repetitive visions you have of your reality (memory) and replace it with a new REALITY. Try this; it is an easy and quick way of testing this Science. Once you are in the correct state give yourself the personal instruction that you are about to experience the most stress free day of your life and Visualize yourself the next day being able to respond to all the usual stressful situations in a different way by remembering to learn from the situation instead of reacting to it and to also visualize yourself being “at ease” throughout the day whist interacting with the usual circumstances of everyday life. If you get yourself into the correct state of personal instruction and VISUALISE as real as possible the future days, weeks, months and years you will very quickly see that this stuff really works and can benefit you on a completely different level. The trick is to create your own reality on a daily basis and the only way to do this is with commitment to yourself to make the most important part of your day CREATING YOUR REALITY. The hardest part of all this is believing that it’s going to work but once you do it a number of times with the little things you will start to realize that you are making pictures in your head and they are manifesting into this reality, so then you can see the bigger picture and extend your thoughts and Visualizations throughout your lifetime. It is a fact that you have the power to control every aspect of your life and treat every situation with the knowledge that you now have a choice to be in charge and change your reality or let reality give you the same as it has always done.

“If you always think what you have always thought, you will always get what you have always got”

I do realize that this is a very short introduction to changing your life and there are other points that do need covering but for most it will seem too easy and some will find it hard to believe that it works, that is why my aim is to give you folks the quickest, shortest and most direct route to changing your life because I realize that no matter what “proof” somebody has on a certain matter, most people will only believe what feels right and so if I say that I have found this way that works because I myself needed to find a way out of my mental torture so that I could live a normal life, but I carried on finding out and learning about it all so you don’t have to so this is the “bare bones” with no frills way.


Gareth Victor Jones (fidgit.co.uk)

Author's Bio: 

Gareth has gained knowledge of life change and Mind control (personal instructions) through beating life threatening depression for 20 years and gaining a wealth of wisdom through practicle techniques and the study of the latest Sciences, Spirituallity, meditation, ancient wisdom, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Metaphysics and connecting them all to give a very in depth view of how Reality can be changed.