As technology directs our lives, learning basic computer programming isn't only a keen though, it's a necessary skill for adults and youngsters alike. Figuring out how to construct simple websites and games allow the children to polish up their design, logic, and problem-solving capacities. It further enables them to express thoughts and creativity in remarkable ways. There are various FREE websites that train kids how to play around with code.

We've gathered some of our top choices regards to computer programming websites for kids.

This not-for-profit establishment website is an incredible beginning stage for coding tenderfoots. It shares a lot of valuable online resources, apps, and even local schools that teach coding. Make sure to watch the inspirational video on the home page. Refreshed regularly, the present iteration includes some of the greatest names in tech talking about how they started in coding.


Although Code Avengers does not have the eye-catching graphics or different options, it provides a series of free introductory classes in developing website pages, apps, and games. Begin with the 7-day free trial which gives access to the initial five exercises in each course, ranging from Python to web development, JavaScript, and several others. In the event that you like what you see, enlist for a membership plan that is offered for $29/month and needs no long-term commitment. A six-month plan is offered for $120.

Code Combat

Ideal for older children, Code Combat uses an intuitive, competitive gameplay mode to encourage learning. After you set up your parent account, children can be online, playing right away. It's FREE!


Put those omnipresent emoticons to work in an academic way with this website that, shuns complex codes for user-friendly articulations, truly. Children figure out how to code by utilizing emojis to substitute for HTML or CSS codes. They'll have some good time, they won't notice the work they're putting in. Codemoji plans are available for $9.99 for three months, however, include up to five children's accounts in that price.

Code Monster

Especially useful for kids, Code Monster highlights two adjacent boxes. One showcases code, other shows what the code does. As you play with the code, with the assistance of a prompt, you learn what the various commands do. It's FREE!


These best computer programming websites for kids are a cost-effective and entertaining way to teach them the basics of coding.

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