In winter, the weather can get cold with temperature decreasing to minus zero degrees Celsius. In weather that cold, you must dress appropriately to keep yourself away from catching flu. Ideally, you should dress in several layers of clothes. The following are 6 tips on how to dress for the winter.

Wear Underwear as Base Layer

The first layer of clothes you must wear is called the base layer. The base layer is usually thermal underwear. Wool thermal underwear can keep you warm every day without frequent washing. If you can't afford wool underwear, you can buy one that is made from synthetic fabrics. Synthetic underwear tends to build odor fast so you need to wash it frequently. If you are buying synthetic underwear, make sure it has a moisture-wicking feature so that your skin will stay dry.

Wear a T-shirt over Underwear

You can wear a t-shirt on top of your thermal underwear. The t-shirt can be lightweight, midweight or heavyweight. It doesn't matter since you are going to wear a sweatshirt and jacket over it. A flannel t-shirt can keep you toasty and comfortable. You can match the neckline of your t-shirt with the neckline of the underwear, for example, crew neck t-shirt and crew neck underwear. You can match the t-shirt with stretch pants or thin stretchy denim jeans.

Wear Pullover Sweatshirt over the T-Shirt

For the third layer, you can wear a warm pullover sweatshirt with or without hoodies. You can choose a sweatshirt with a removable hood since you may not need to put on the hood all the time, It can be matched with warm sweatpants. If you don't have sweatpants, you can wear track pants or jeans. If the weather is really cold, you can wear a sweatshirt that is lined with extra fleece. You can choose sweatshirt with a vibrant color like orange, red and yellow. They can help to perk up your mood. If you like printed sweatshirts, you can choose one that features some cool graphics.

Wear Jacket over Pullover Sweatshirt

Finally, you can wear a zippered jacket such as a bomber jacket or parka jacket over the fourth layer. The jacket can act as a windbreaker when there is a strong wind blowing against you. The outer shell of the jacket must be waterproof to prevent it from getting damaged by snow and rain. The jacket needs to be insulated so that you will feel warm in the cold weather. Jackets that feature wool down can provide warmth but it cannot retain moisture. Jackets made with synthetic fibres are water-resistant but they cannot last for a long time. Get more details at

If you want a more classic style, you can choose to wear a double-breasted pea coat. The trench coat is also great outerwear for the winter season. When shopping around, choose a jacket with a waterproof zipper and tight cuffs. The jacket will match well with fleece-lined pants. If you don't have fleece-lined pants, you can wear stretch jeans. Since this type of jeans can stretch, it will not tear when you wear it over layers of pants.

Wear Knee High Merino Wool Socks

If you are going out in winter, you must wear knee-high socks for optimal protection from the cold. Merino wool socks are soft and comfortable to wear. Wool socks can offer more warmth than cotton socks. If you are indoor, you can also wear socks. The socks should be folded down to your heel when you are indoor.

Wear Snow Boots

Besides, make sure you wear a shoe that is suitable for walking in the snow. Many people would opt to buy snow boots. The shoe is usually tall up to the several inches above the ankle. The bottom of the snow boots is carved with designs that can enhance traction on the snow. It has laces which you can use to pull the boots tight. If your feet feel cold indoor, you should wear the down boots.

Down boots are stuffed with duck feathers and down for insulation against the cold. It is like boot slippers that you can wear around the house. There is no traction carving below the sole of the boots. When buying snow boot, be sure to check until how much insulation it can provide in degree below zero. If you don't have snow boots, you can wear your working boots. They can also keep your feet warm and handle winter mud.

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