6 Things You Should Know About Progressive Mental Alignment
Progressive Mental Alignment. When I first heard about this method, I had no idea how much my life was about to change. It ended up being the most important journey of my life. The more I learned, the more I discovered the answers to some of the biggest questions I had about myself and about the world around me. Progressive Mental Alignment opened the curtain to the real causes of my physical and emotional pain, my bad habits that wouldn’t go away no matter what I did, and my thoughts which were preventing me from believing in myself and from reaching my dreams. It’s the single most important discovery I made in my life because it really became the beginning of a new life- the life I always dreamed of.
It’s why I get so excited about sharing everything I know about Progressive Mental Alignment with as many people as possible! I know that the Progressive Mental Alignment tools can do for you what they did for me. No matter your struggle, Progressive Mental Alignment can help you map out the solution that best fits you. Because Progressive Mental Alignment has so much to offer, it can be hard to know where to start! So I decided to compile a list of what makes Progressive Mental Alignment so special. It’s an introduction to some of the greatest gifts offered by this revolutionary science designed to offer permanent transformations in your health and happiness!
Knowledge is the first step. If you are ready to take the first step into inner freedom here’s what you should know.

Progressive Mental Alignment shows you who you really are
Many of us talk about finding ourselves but only Progressive Mental Alignment shows us how. Meaningful life change begins with knowing yourself and Progressive Mental Alignment does that by opening the door to self-discovery like no other technique can. It helps you separate what you think from what you’ve always known deep down; the inner truth of your strength, beauty, talent and power. You’ll dig deep to experience the core of reality, and honestly it will amaze you-YOU will amaze you!

Progressive Mental Alignment links all of your struggles to ONE source.
Have you ever felt a random wave of sadness, self-doubt, frustration, or anger? Is there a situation or ship that makes you emotional whenever you think about it? Do you know someone who suffers from random mood swings? Are you or someone you know impacted by a disease or physical ailment with no obvious cause? Is there a bad habit you’ve tried to change permanently but no matter what you try, you just can’t?
Progressive Mental Alignment shows us how bad clusters are the reason for all of these and other issues while providing you the tools to solve them. All human beings have bad clusters. They form throughout your life, starting in infancy! These wrongly processed pieces of information are stored in your subconscious and interlinked with the most intense feelings of fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, and all other sorts of negative emotions you felt during the bad cluster event. These feelings arise within you whenever the bad cluster is activated by triggers in your environment. This is why bad clusters greatly impact our daily moods, decisions, actions, behaviors, and overall health.

Progressive Mental Alignment reveals the powerful force behind your thoughts and feelings
We all have beliefs about ourselves, the world, how things are or perhaps should be. Progressive Mental Alignment shows us that these thoughts are not random. They arise from two subconscious programs.
The first one is the program that uses all the sensory data you’ve collected during your entire life, or in other words, everything you ever learned and experienced. The second program is the so called friend mechanism. It’s the strongest force in our bodies! It’s a genetic ‘body guard’ powered to drive us away from pain. It does this by generating thoughts and beliefs that guide us in less painful directions. It’s an amazing force responsible for your daily behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs about yourself and others!
Because bad clusters are loaded with painful feelings, the friend mechanism is always working extra hard to keep us far away from discovering their content. The energy used for this mission drains us of important vitality and health. Only the Progressive Mental Alignment method can show you how to recognize the actions of your friend mechanism and how to cooperate with it to reveal the content of the bad clusters- the hidden root cause of all behavioral, emotional, and physical problems.

Progressive Mental Alignment puts YOU in the driver’s seat
The Progressive Mental Alignment technique allows you the option to work on yourself in the comfort of your own home! The technique is designed to show you how to understand the language of your own subconscious. There is no diagnosis, no counseling, advice, or conclusions offered. In fact, it is not necessary. It encourages you to simply stop and listen to your subconscious. All of the answers and solutions to your problems are already stored there. This places the power of transformation and healing in your own hands! When the content of a bad cluster is revealed, its negative and unhealthy power will instantly be replaced by positive energy that will empower you to reach your goals effortlessly.

Progressive Mental Alignment creates permanent change. Really!
Once you reveal a bad cluster, the details within it are re-processed correctly and all painful feelings associated with it dissolve instantly and permanently! It is an amazing process! Once you turn a bad cluster into a regular, correctly processed and coded cluster it will never go back to ‘bad’. No repetition is needed and any emotional or physical challenges related to this bad cluster will be gone-forever.

Progressive Mental Alignment is really easy
Progressive Mental Alignment doesn’t require a degree, a certain amount of experience, or a long drawn out process. It just takes a curious mind and some quiet time! With so many ways to get acquainted with the Progressive Mental Alignment technique, you’re sure to find the tools that fit right into your life style. Start by keeping up with this blog or reading one of the many books written about Progressive Mental Alignment! If you prefer, you can learn through the Home Study Kit or via one of our free online educational videos. For a more interactive experience you can attend one of the many Progressive Mental Alignment seminars held several times a year or participate in a live Progressive Mental Alignment session in person or via Skype. It’s an easy to master technique that you can use for yourself and your loved ones. Trust me; the minute you experience this you’ll want to know more simply because you’ll recognize that this is how your brain works and that it will give you all of the answers and solutions you need. Once you got the feel of it you’ll want to share it with everyone just like I do!
Begin Forever Today
Learn more about this revolutionary technique used to untangle the complex connections of our subconscious brain so that you experience new levels of self-discovery, health, and happiness. Unlock the deeply buried vaults of pain inside your subconscious so they don’t weigh you down ever again. Break through subconscious barriers that prevent you from quitting bad habits, changing negative behaviors, healing physical ailments, and transforming self sabotaging thoughts.
Eliminate these roadblocks from your journey so you experience a smooth ride to the life you’ve always imagined. All you have to do is make the right decision. You are the only person who can do this. The life you’ve always imagined can be yours. I know you can do it because I did!
Join me in my quest to share the greatest vehicle for healing the world has ever seen.
Jump in. You’re in for the thrill of a lifetime!

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Ingrid Schabbing, is Director of Coaching at Progressive Mental Alignment. She's a wellness enthusiast and life-long explorer of personal solutions.