General Overview of HOA Management

If you’re a first-time landlord, then hiring an HOA management company can be a very good idea. The property manager will help you deal with all the daily obligations, and he will also make sure that tenants are screened and everything is handled correctly. This makes it a lot easier to find the right tenants and you don’t have to spend a lot of time with this. LB Property Management in Los Angeles is an HOA Management Company having 30 years of experience.

When you hire a good HOA property management professional, there are some things that you have to consider. First, you want to know what you need. Create a list with the stuff that you want from the manager and ask for their license. A company or professional certified by the Community Associations Institute is very important and it can pay off really well because of that.
Investigating things like bonding and insurance is a very good idea too because you do need protection in case you deal with any risks or problems. Scrutinizing the termination provisions and reading the fine print in its entirety is extremely important too. You want to be in control and you need to make sure that everything is handled the way you want. It can be a very demanding and challenging experience, but one that does pay off immensely because of it. Negotiate the contract too, that’s extremely important and it can bring in front some unique benefits because of it.

1. What are the services they provide to Home Owner Associations?

Normally, a good HOA management company will offer a multitude of services. These should include things like maintenance, communication, customer service, financial services and administration services. All of these need to be included in a single, proficient and professional package that does help pay off immensely because of it. You also need to figure out the company history and how they handle any type of situations. Reviews can help a lot in this regard. You get to have a good insight into all of this, and the return on investment can be huge thanks to that.

2. How long have you been in the HOA property management business?

Is it necessary to ask any HOA management this question? It is because you do need to know where they reside, how many people they served and so on. Sometimes you can be skeptical if the company doesn’t offer a lot of details. A good, vetted company will try to get as much exposure as possible and they will outline their experience in the industry. If something is wrong, you can usually see it and handle the situation quite fast. It’s certainly one of those things that you have to study the best way you can.

3. Where are you located and what geographic area do you cover?

Upon meeting with an HOA management company, you want to know their location. The idea is that you also want to know what areas they cover. It helps a lot, and it does bring in front some unique features and benefits. You want to make sure that they are close to your location or at lest they cover it. If anything bad happens and you need their help, the company has to be dependable and you have to rely on them to work with you whenever that’s necessary. Sure, this is not mandatory, but it will help as long as you pick the right company and focus on getting the best possible outcome. 24/7 support would be the best, but how much you invest in that and what type of results you can expect will vary. That’s why you have to consider the HOA management company’s dependability!

4. Consider a company certified by the Community Associations Institute

The reason why a certified company is better is that they were already checked by an institute and they have their stamp of approval. As a result, there are fewer chances of them screwing up in any way. That’s certainly going to be a very important thing going forward, so try to take that into consideration. One thing you do need to realize is that the best HOA management company is the one that has multiple certifications, awards, and merits. This shows that you can actually rely on them, and the value can be well worth it in the long term. Of course, you should always check if the certifications are legit, just to be safe. Usually, they are found on the institute’s page.

5. How do you handle maintenance issues when they arise?

The best HOA property management company will always make sure that they have the right procedures in place for helping you. It’s a very important thing to do for them, and you actually rely on their system to work properly. That being said, the best HOA management company will always have a good rate for solving any issue that you encounter. Results can be great this way indeed as well as and the outcome will definitely be more than ok because of it.

6. Is the price affordable for your Association?

Affordability is hard to pinpoint in the case of an HOA management company. The reason is simple, different regions have different ideas about pricing. But normally the best HOA management will deliver some really impressive results and a good return on investment for you. Of course, some prices can be high, but it all comes down to the HOA management company to negotiate prices, especially when it comes to dealing with any third parties. It’s an important thing to consider, and one that can easily pay off immensely as time goes by. Should you hire the most expensive HOA management company? Not really, you need to see what benefits you get for what you pay. Normally the best return on investment will be when you hire a good HOA management company and they have a low set of prices!

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