Progressive Mental Alignment – a new coaching technique from Europe

New discoveries are made every day at an ever-faster pace. One of the results of the many recent discoveries and research about our brain are combined in the technique called Progressive Mental Alignment® (PMA).

PMA is described as the first “Unified Brain Model” because it combined all reliable scientific research about the brain in one model where all scientific results fit without contradicting each other.

What makes PMA so unique? When you already tried so many other techniques, you will instantly notice how, where and why PMA differs than all the techniques you already tried. Let’s summarize some of the differences:

• PMA is the only technique that works with the phenomenon of bad clusters and their physiological codes

Bad clusters are wrongly coded traumatic experiences in our subconscious. They form the underlying cause of suppressed memories, psychosomatic health issues, autism, and behavioral problems.

• PMA does not add new programs but removes sabotaging programs from your subconscious

After finding and revealing the content of bad clusters no repetition or conditioning is needed. A once transformed bad cluster permanently lost its power.

• PMA is a non-directive method

In PMA we exclusively work with what the clients themselves bring up from their subconscious. No diagnoses is made, no counseling or advice is given, and no conclusions are drawn. It is the client, and the client alone, who draws all conclusions and decides what to do or not to do with the revealed memories.

• PMA begins where most other methods end

PMA will quickly show you the so-called suppressed or repressed memories. This where many other techniques end. For PMA this is the important starting point. PMA shows how and why certain events or parts of an event, are suppressed through the power of active bad clusters. It has to be clear that a bad cluster is NOT a suppressed memory! The bad cluster is the underlying root-cause of the suppressed memory.

• PMA is entirely based on the 'language rules' of the subconscious
Your computer will only give you the correct answers and solutions if you use the same language that is used by your computer. Computers have their own digital language. If you do not correctly approach your computer programs, you will not receive the correct answers and solutions. Our subconscious is a kind of super computer. It has its own basic language rules. Know, respect and use those rules and you get the answers you are looking for. So far, PMA is the only technique that respects and uses known subconscious language rules.
• PMA is the only method that provides insight into why and how the subconscious brain always assigns two important codes to all sensory information (every detail we see, smell, taste, touch, hear and feel).
The first code is called the “absolute value code” that determines the identity of the sensory data and the second one is called the “relative value code” which is a physiological code that determines the importance level of that data for you. PMA will show you how this principle is the foundation of how we create awareness and how we create all our beliefs, actions and behaviors based on these two codes.
Many people look for answers on a deeper level, for the ‘next step’ in coaching. It might be interesting to look into this new coaching method from Europe.
For more information see:
Book or EBook: Desirable Power – by Jacob Korthuis

What are bad clusters:

Author's Bio: 

Jacob Korthuis is a Dutch researcher, scientist, Holistic Health specialist, celebrated author of five books and an internationally recognized figure for his research in human behavior and psychosomatic disease. Jacob is also credited with having discovered the “language rules of the subconscious.” Jacob’s most prestigious accomplishment is the development of Progressive Mental Alignment® (PMA); his coaching and self-help method that was originally introduced in 1995 and influenced by his drive to help others improve their health. Since 2002 he has been living in the United States and extensively lecturing internationally; educating psychologists, counselors, coaches, business trainers, and other medical professionals on how to utilize his method for their own practice or businesses.