Arabica coffee is preferred over other types of coffee because of its flavor and high quality. It comes in various brands as well, which is determined by the level of oxidation and the origin of the particular coffee beans, among others. There are over fifty countries that produce this type of coffee. In this article, we look at some of the facts you need to know about this popular beverage.

1. Growing Conditions

The geographical location plays a big role in determining where this type of coffee can be grown. Despite there being over fifty countries that produce Arabica, you will find that those from certain countries like Ethiopia and Jamaica make some of the best quality.

Some conditions suitable for quality growth include:

. Under the shade
. Hilly grounds
. Cloud cover
. Natural mists

Shade is important as it lowers the rate at which the weeds grow and ensures there's an even temperature for proper growth. Growing under a shade like canopy leaves also protects it from effects caused by wind.

2. Arabica Self-Pollinated

Unlike cross-pollination that has the genes of a plant mixed, arabica self-pollinates. This makes sure that the strong genes of the plant are maintained over the generations.

3. Lower Caffeine Levels

In most cases, you'll find that each bean contains two percent of the caffeine in every volume. This is what makes brewed coffee to be even finer.

Having lots of caffeine may have you acting extra hyper and jittery. Arabica however boosts your spirits in a way that doesn't make you feel awkward. This is also responsible for its smoothness as it also balances out the acidity levels.

4. A plant produces a pound of its coffee

If you need to produce your own coffee, then you are required to have 18 plants. This is because one plant takes more than a year to make a pound or two pounds of coffee. Also, it can take over seven years to be mature for production.

5. Number of chromosomes

Arabica Coffee has come with 44 chromosomes which is twice the number found in other types of coffee. In the human body, determine the height of an individual, hair texture, just to mention but a few. The forty-four chromosomes found in the Arabica sure has an impact on the smooth flavors and high quality of the coffee.

6. How are they harvested

The Arabica Coffee Beans are harvested individually. This is to ensure that you pick the right cherry at the right time. If you harvest them before they are mature, it will make the product thin and sour. On the other hand, late harvesting may lead to fermentation.

Since the berries are not ready for harvest at the same time, it requires daily inspection by the farmer. This is also one of the reasons why Arabica Coffee is quite costly.

Arabica Coffee has a lot of champions out there, and the above reasons can tell you why. This plant that mainly does well in hilly areas and shady locations offers a unique taste to its users. When picking up your morning cup of coffee, be sure to check on where your brand originates from, just as a reminder of the above fun facts.

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