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Goals should be written down and have the following SMART attributes:

Specific. We need to have hard numbers on our goals. However, this is not to be confused with being “precise.” It’s OK to have ranges of numbers. In fact, it’s better for the subconscious mind if we have a “minimum,” “target,” and “outrageous” goal set. That way, we have both the advantage of setting a high goal that we would love, and still be excited if we only achieve our “minimum.”

Measurable. This is so we will know whether our goals are being achieved or not. This is not to be confused with being “comparable.” Sometimes we set goals and then check and see how our friends, who may have similar goals, are doing. Goals are not meant to be compared with others. We want to compare our achievements with our own past.

Affirmative and Action-oriented. Our minds don’t like to stop old habits, but love to create new habits. This doesn’t mean that we need to be “achieve”-oriented and that all our goals should help us be more productive or successful. Goals can be about taking time off, having fun, living, laughing, and enjoying life.

Realistic. The subconscious mind will reject goals that are not realistic. However, “realistic” is not the opposite of “optimistic.” We can have optimistic goals that are also realistic. In fact, these are the best types of goals to have.

Time-sensitive. Without a due date, we would never return a book to the library. Note that “time-sensitive” doesn’t mean “time-constrained.” We’re allowed to go back to the library and borrow the same book again. So, let’s not feel guilty if we haven’t achieved a goal in a particular time-period. Let’s reset the goal and go for it again.

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