Are you a chronic personal development junky? Do you have a pile of self-help books on your shelves? Are you still looking for that elusive 'secret'? How much have you actually implemented?

I confess, that has been me too. I'm addicted to the self-help section. I gobble up books, programs, CDs, as if it were chocolate. Hmmmm, chocolate...

The strange addiction is a combination of crack-head craving and serial dieting. The obsession is junky-like, and not a bad thing. Knowledge is good, right?

It's the serial dieting that's the real problem.

Talk to anyone who has 'tried to lose weight' and they actually know a heck of a lot about nutrition, exercise, and body management plans. They're probably the most well-read, best educated health experts out there.

And here's the first truth coming to clobber you on the head:

Law of Attraction Truth #1: There is a big difference between knowledge and wisdom.

If you look at all those books on your shelves I am sure you can say with Scout's honour, cross-your-heart authenticity that you well and truly 'get' what the books are saying. You may even be a strong advocate of the author's work.

But have you actually followed through and done anything - any thing - even one thing - that is recommended?

Uh-huh. I thought so.

If you have, great! You are one of those rare birds that actually flaps its wings when it wants to fly.

An excellent, under-whelming habit that I take from my colleague Jeannette Maw is to do one thing - just one thing! - from each book you read before you put it on the shelf.

And this all leads to the second amazing truth:

Law of Attraction Truth #2: Consistent feel-good effort yields results.

I know - this feels painfully obvious! But see Truth #1 - are you doing anything about it?

My recent body transformation was due to consistent positive visualisation of the results I was after, and consistent follow-through on my nutrition and exercise plan.

Actually this reveals a Law of Attraction myth - or bold faced lie actually - that all you need is to think of something and poof! Voila!

The real equation in manifesting is:

Desire + Belief

Actually, more specifically: Red-hot-raging-with-excitement-and-passion kind of desire, and rock-solid-know-it-in-every-cell-of-your-body kind of belief.

And to get this kind of volcanic energy activated inside you you'll need to focus consistently, with mega feel-good vibes, on what it is you want as if it's already here.

Out of this observation comes the next burning hot truth:

Law of Attraction Truth #3: There is no action you can take whilst feeling bad that will generate the results you want.

You cannot feel fat, eat salad, and get thin.

That's not the way it works. As you eat salad, feeling fat, you'll be having negative thoughts about how fat you are, how this is hard work, how your thighs remain stubborn tree-trunks.

You get what you focus and feel about, that's it. So thoughts and feelings about tree-trunk thighs will tighten your shorts, not loosen them.

So eat your salad, feed yourself positive feedback about the glorious fresh veggies that are crafting sculpted muscles, and watch those muscles emerge like a submarine rising to the surface - the fat slipping away like water off a boat's hull.

And with this fabulous nautical metaphor, we move to the next awesome truth:

Law of Attraction Truth #4: You're at the captain's wheel.

That's right, you're in charge! You get to choose how and what you experience. Everything is an option, no barriers, your choice - whoop whoop!

Avoid the myth gremlins that say,

"If only..."

"If it weren't for my partner/children/boss/job/chronic skin condition/wonky eyeball..."

Stop blaming, and start claiming.

So get specific, get excited, dream big - bigger than that! - and keep focusing and feeling good.

And now onto the Big Kahoona that will unleash the genie within:

Law of Attraction Truth #5: Negative beliefs are simply a 'focusing weakness'.

When I first start working with a client, they often feel that their personal belief demons are too old, too long entrenched, too difficult and paralysing to shift.


ANY belief - no matter how big and hairy - can be shifted so that you can step into your truth and give yourself permission to live joyfully as a powerful creator.

It does require effort! (See Truths 1 and 2 - wisdom and consistency). You've been thinking and feeling in a non-helpful way for so long, you'll need to generate a new kind of energy, with repeated consistent effort until you have that, "I feel it in my waters" it's happening feeling. It's what needed to move from "I believe" to "I know".

A negative belief is really just a thought you keep repeating, so start by asking, "what do I want instead" and focus with enthusiasm and excitement on that. It's just like training a weak muscle: with repeated effort, it gets stronger and more in alignment with what you want it to do, until one day that muscle is strong, and the old effort feels easy.

Your Turn to Play:

Which truths do you need to activate? Pick one of your self-help books/CDs/programs and choose one (ONE!) thing to implement.

Implement. Repeat. With mucho enthusiasm and passion!

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