500 Words: “If today were my last day on Earth and I could share 500 words of brilliance with the world, here are the important things I'd want to pass along to others…
The first thing I would share would be to stop at nothing to know the truth. Particularly know the truth about who you are, your relationship to the Divine, real love, life purpose, what you respect, how you treat yourself, and what you stand for.
Next I would offer some pearls of real love and wisdom I have collected from beloved friends and wise persons that have saved my soul and at times my sanity: “There is no competition for my true life’s purpose, so there is no reason to hurry or worry about anything,” “Be who you are, everyone else is taken,” “People treat you the way you treat yourself,” “You are stronger than you think,” “If you can see it, it’s possible,” and “You’re always doing one of two things: creating connection or separation!”
About children I would beg you: to consider that they need respect, to feel safe and to have an enlightened witness; to understand that being a parent is a privilege; to see your children’s unique selves rather than projecting onto them what you didn’t get; to know that the same God that shines on you shines on them and they can know the truth; and to remember that they chose you as their benevolent servant to help escort them onto their own unique and magnificent path.
On relationships I would offer that: YOU are the ONE; slow down…real love doesn’t have a shelf life; chemistry is a terrible litmus test for choosing a great partner; never, ever, settle; watch what people say and what they do and make sure they match; don’t let anyone tell you sex doesn’t mean anything—your body is sacred, you are sacred and sex is sacred; and, know this…that which you seek is seeking you!
On community I strongly suggest that you find your unique place and serve as though your life depends on it, and assure you that: you have a right to be here too, be who you are and treat yourself well; respect everyone as your brother and sister; there but for the grace of God go I; there is no other; and take care to be the kind of friend you want to have!
On humanity, I know that: The Divine is my source of everything and my life purpose; who I really am is eternal; there is no “there”; everything but love is a projection; healing only happens in the field of love and by the grace of God; I am no-thing, I am no-one, I am that that I am…I am blessed to be and offer you every blessing that you awaken to know the truth and have the courage to stay awake at every turn, even in the face of death.
And a few Maryanne-isms I have enjoyed chanting throughout the years as part of my practice: “Just because your mind tells you something doesn’t mean it’s true,” “People who believe in nothing greater than themselves do damage,” “When all else fails stop, drop, and roll: stop pointing at them and look in the mirror, drop into yourself and seek the truth about what’s really going on, then roll around in your options and choose carefully,” “No one can EVER take God away from you,” and, like I always say, “Great relationships begin within!”
Here are my Seven Essential Truths and their practices:
• The Human Body Holds Infinite Wisdom
Practice: Listen to Your Body
• Energy Doesn’t Lie
Practice: Move Your Body
• A Clear Body Channel Holds the Highest Truth
Practice: Put Good Things in Your Body
• The Mind is a Wonderful Servant but a Terrible Master
Practice: Put only Good Thoughts in Your Mind
• You are the Sum Total of the Five Closest People You Associate With
Practice: Surround Yourself with Supportive People
• Your Life Purpose is the North Star on Your Journey
Practice: Keep Your Eye on the Ball
• You Have Unlimited Access to a Power Greater than Yourself
Practice: Pray for Guidance

Author's Bio: 

Maryanne Comaroto is a relationship expert, a gifted writer, and an inspired teacher with an urgent mission and a powerful message. She has a unique gift for translating the complexities of life and love into practical tools for living and loving in healthy ways. Rather than become a victim of her childhood abuse, her families alcoholism, rape, physical abuse, death, and even the mob Maryanne’s used her dramatic past as opportunities to overcome the pitfalls so many never recover from, then sharing her hard won experience with others along the way.