092613_feel119.1I’ve been around for a while, nearly seven decades. I’ve met a lot of successful folks in different domains of life. I’ve found some things are consistent with these folks, when it comes to succeeding in life. Most important is that they make a decision to feel good about themselves and life more often than not.

You don’t have all the answers to life. No one does. But, if you follow your first instinct, which is to love yourself and enjoy life, then life gets a lot easier even when you don’t have answers. Now, look at your own life. Are you the healthy, happy, successful person that you want to be? Do you feel as though there is more out there in life waiting for you?

So, here’s the good news. There is a way for you to be more consistent with making more right choices for now on. Learn to flood your mind with a wealth of good feelings every day by taking the time to appreciate all the great things that come your way. You can depend on life to support you if you’ll take the time to notice the many ways that it does. The next five blogs will offer a story (one story, each blog), to help you concentrate your attention toward feeling good.

Story 1: The Rich Uncle

You go to your bank to withdraw some money. When you ask what the balance is, you’re told that it is over a million dollars. An eccentric millionaire uncle transferred the funds to your account, and you’d not yet received the letter explaining. How do you feel, now that you know about the million dollars? Keep that feeling with you today.









It is important that you learn to manage your ‘feeling state of being.’ Your feelings have a lot to do with your moods and attitude. And these have everything to do with how rich your life is with everything that is good and beautiful.

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Rob White is an author, storyteller & philosopher. Rob created RobWhiteMedia.com as a way to provide individuals with all the resources they need to wake up to the power of WOW. Rob has dedicated his life to inspire individuals to realize and accomplish their own life goals by providing seminars, workshops, videos, articles, blogs, books and original animation shorts.

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From his modest beginnings in a small town in Western Massachusetts, he built a multi-million dollar bi-coastal real estate business and went on to become a successful restaurateur. Rob is an expert in the fields of personal and professional growth. Drawing on 30 years of experience researching and testing myriad methods and tools for success, he has developed a concise and enriching program that unlocks the true power of human potential.