Spring is finally here, and with the brighter and warmer days ahead of us, it’s time to focus on what truly matters - our mental health. Particularly, mental health is something that is often stigmatized and overlooked, but now that we’re in the spring of 2023, mental health is becoming increasingly prioritized and acknowledged privately and publicly.

So, if you’re wondering how you can improve your mental health this season, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 great ways to boost your mental health this spring:

1. Prioritise your sleep

Getting plenty of sleep is beneficial for just about everybody. In fact, studies have shown that sleep deprivation can lead to negative effects on your mental health - and the opposite is also true; mental health problems can lead to sleep problems. When it comes to lack of sleep though, this can impact your mental health in the following ways:

● Mood and behaviour changes including increased irritability
● Poor stress management
● Psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions (extreme sleep deprivation)

As you can see, getting enough rest can be crucial in improving your mental well-being.

2. Improve your diet

Sleep is not the only thing that is important - what we eat is too. This means that if you’re prone to eating crisps, french fries, pizzas, burgers, etc. often, then it might be time to hold off on those types of foods this season. Instead, opt for healthier foods and try to include vegetables and fruits in your diet whenever you can. For example, instead of having a packet of crisps as a snack, take a banana, apple, or a box of strawberries. It’s recommended that you avoid or limit alcohol, sugary foods, and caffeine - substances that could potentially
exacerbate symptoms of anxiety

3. Exercise

Don’t forget that alongside a healthy diet, you should also try exercising regularly. Whether that’s going for a run, hike, or even simply a walk, exercise can help boost your mood and improve your mental health. You don’t have to do this everyday if you don’t feel like it - alternatively, you can switch up your routine with stretching or yoga to ensure that you stay fit and healthy. Who knows? Maybe you’ll enjoy exercising to the point that you’ll even get a gym membership!

4. Invest in digital healthcare

Technology has advanced greatly in the last decade or so, and its contributions to healthcare have not gone unnoticed. In particular, digital healthcare platforms like BlueBrix are a great way to monitor your health. Got an Apple Watch, FitBit, or Samsung Galaxy Watch? These can all be integrated onto the platform, enabling you to view sleep patterns, heart rate, stress levels etc. on a single platform.

5. Clean up your space

A cluttered space only leads to a cluttered mind, so if you’ve been putting off cleaning your room or home, then now is the time to start cleaning! Cleaning and reorganising your space can be therapeutic, making it a great way to improve your mental health this spring. Afterwards, we’re sure you’ll feel refreshed and renewed. If you work from home, this is something that you should definitely try, especially for your home office.

Author's Bio: 

Rima is a health professional.