Of all the relationships in the world, the bond between parents and kids remains the strongest without any doubt. Right from the moment a child is born, nature plays its tricks to keep the parents and the child closely attached. However, the fact is that no bond can remain strong unless aptly nurtured and cared for.  A tree can withstand any storm if its roots grow deep enough. Similarly, if the roots of a relationship grow strong and deep enough during the initial years, no distance or circumstances can ever diminish its strength. On that note, we, at Sapphire International School, a leading school in Crossing Republik, Vaishali, would like to share with you all today a few highly effective ways that can help you nurture and strengthen your bond with your kids.

Connect with your child’s world

Talking can indeed be a smart way of communication. But, to reach the bottom of your kid’s heart, you need to connect with the little one’s soul. And a soul connection needs more than just words. Share your thoughts in an age-appropriate manner with your child regarding things that he/she would comprehend. You can also ask for their ideas on the same to build a strong bridge of exchange. Always remember that imposing opinions or giving orders never work as efficiently as sharing ideas when making soul connections. A child’s world is much different from an adult’s. Try to understand their perspective, and they will surely come closer to you.

Spend as much quality time as you can

We, at Sapphire International School, understand that in today’s world, most parents remain busy for the entire week. But that often makes the kids crave even more to spend quality time with their parents. This is why it is important that you do take some time out solely for your kids. Spending some quality time with your children wherein all your attention remains only on your kids can make a huge difference in your bonding with them. You can enjoy a movie together, dine out with your little one at his/her favorite food joint, or visit an amusement park over the weekend to share some moments of happiness and togetherness to infuse the vibes of life into your relationship.

Bedtime stories can strengthen the bond

Don’t you still remember the bedtime lullabies that your mother used to sing to you? Aren’t those tunes still etched on your mind?  That’s because the bedtime connections always last longer. Hence, no matter how busy you are for the entire day, take out a few minutes at night to cuddle with your little one and read some bedtime stories to him/her. This way, the child will be able to connect better with you, and it will also help strengthen the bond between you and your kids.

Understand and empathize with your kids

Correcting the errors of the kids and getting them onto the right path remains one of the key responsibilities of the parents. However, while doing so, it is important to keep in mind to never jump off to criticizing the child. Instead, put in efforts to understand their problems and act empathetically to show your concern and not annoyance. This will make you a more dependable option for your kids whenever they come across any challenge or difficulty in life.

Be a good listener

Understanding and trust are the two pillars on which the castle of any relationship rests. And these two elements can only get infused in your relationship with your child when you turn out to be a good listener to your kids. Hence, whenever your child converses with you, remain all ears to him/her. Your attention should remain entirely on your child and not on the phone or TV or anything else. You have to pay attention to what your child has to say to gain a clear insight into his/her perspective. This will help you cross the seemingly unreachable depths of your kid’s mind in no time. Seeing you listening with all your heart, your child will also feel free and content about sharing more with you.


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We, at Sapphire International School, a renowned school in Crossing Republic, Vaishali, firmly believe that there is no bond as beautiful as the parent-child relationship. But since children aren’t as mature as the adults and aren’t aware of what it takes to nurture this wonderful relationship, it is the parents who have to step forward and take up this responsibility. Trust us, only a little extra effort and perseverance from your end can work wonders in making this relationship stronger and capable of withstanding all sorts of challenges.