The instant pot is a gadget that prepares difficult means in the shortest possible span. Vegan eaters avoid meat due to health issues and other reasons as well. Cooking is not an easy process if you are using the standard cooker. It uses all manual procedures due to which more time and effort are needed to deliver the finished product>
Using the instant pot to prepare vegan dishes means you can have mouth watering stuff in much lesser time. In addition to that, there is no need to spend long hours in the kitchen.

Where to get the best vegan recipes from?

There are several websites that offer recipes for vegan dishes but in most cases, understanding the provided information is more of a challenge.Corrie Cooks is one informative option that presents vegan cooking options in easy manner. You can find several recipes for vegetarian meals. The most important thing is that understanding them is not hard. In a nutshell, it is a website preferred by amateur cooks as well as experienced ones.

The top 5 recipes you can look at

Let us have a look at the top 5 vegan dishes you can prepare using instant pot.

1.Tomato Soup

There is no doubt that tomato soup is one of the most health diet options. Fitness professionals in particular take it on daily basis. However, if you are restricted to the old-fashioned cooker, getting done would be a lot harder., Instead using the instant pot would be more helpful.

2.Lentil Tacos

Even the appearance of this dish can increase the hunger inside you. It comprises of pita bread and stuffed with lentil. The instant pot reduces the hard work that either wise goes into preparing this meal. For instance, you don’t have to boil the lentil separately and then use it. It can be done directly if you use this modern-day cooking gadget.

3.Lasagna soup

Most people do not even attempt lasagna dishes since the cooking time can really stretch. Things are not as difficult if you are using an instant pot. It shrinks the time spent for preparation. Hence, even if you lack the experience, using this gadget will really help you. This dish is taken for lunch in most cases. In a small span of 15 to 20 minutes, you can enjoy this commendable option.

4.Mash potatoes

Even if you are not a potato lover, the sign of it in mashed form will make you go crazy. Mash potato is served as a sideline with main courses but people even taken it as a full-time meal. In most cases, they have it for breakfast. If you are looking for the simplest cooking option to make it, use an instant pot.

5.Potato curry

This is a light curry option served mostly with steamed rice. With an instant pot, it gets prepared in as less as 10 minutes. Hence, spending more than double the time and adopting conventional cooking procedures is not wise thinking.

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Asad Shehzad is a food blogger focusing on quick and easy meals you can make in no time and satisfy the whole family