For any business, booklets can be used for marketing as well as training purposes. The number of pages a booklet should have depends on the amount and type of information you want to convey.

Selecting the right type of booklet can be difficult for any business owner. Here are 5 popular types of booklets that your company can choose from:

1.Brochure Booklet
Most companies have a lot to benefit from a comprehensive brochure especially in terms of informing customers about their products and services. Make sure you include captivating text and images to encourage customers to make a purchase from your business.

Brochures should be easy to read and have an appealing design, so that potential customers can easily consult them to find what they are looking for. Provide a short product description along with its name and picture so that people gain a sound idea about the items.

Newsletters are an excellent way to let clients and prospective customers know about the latest updates regarding your business. They are useful booklets for startups and large corporations alike.

You can include the latest products and special offers to draw in more customers. Newsletters are also used to help your audience learn more about your company’s policies and procedures. They are great for strengthening your bond with customers and building your reputation as a trustworthy brand.

3.Instruction Manual
If you are selling a product that requires installation or assembling, such as an electronic item, an owner manual is necessary to facilitate the buyer. They generally contain step-by-step instructions to set up a product so that it is fit to function.

Instructional manuals contain guidelines about using the product, precautionary measures, and instructions for assembling and installation. They also include warranties and guarantees if applicable. Make sure a manual contains an organized table of contents for people to easily find what they are looking for.

4.Training Manual
A training manual is a useful booklet for new hires at work. It can also serve as a guide for consultation for experienced employees.

In this day and age, most businesses make use of a soft copy of such booklets. However, this does not make having a hard copy any less important. Printed training manuals can be easily accessed in the event of a power outage and can be consulted to avert an adverse situation when an electronic device or internet is unavailable.

5.Employee Handbook
An employee handbook is an essential booklet for most businesses. It is a reference guide that consists of your company mission, vision, policies, and history.

It is usually handed out to new recruits to help them understand a company’s basic values and salient features. Employee handbooks contain essential human resource and legal information for employees, such as working hours, attendance rules and basic regulations that workers need to adhere to.

A booklet serves as a handy guide that is necessary to provide your employees and customers with all they need to know about your company. If you require booklets for your business in Atlanta, GA, click here to explore our website or call us at Same Day Printing 800 411 3106.

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