Did you notice that everything had got all mixed up in our lives?

Thus, material goods become more significant than sincere relationships with people. Or, talks about true love call nothing but wit's end or even sarcasm.

Why does it happen so?

Aren't we able to feel love anymore? Are we afraid of expressing ourselves? How often do you complain about how much you hate your job but continue working there anyway? How often do you copy others, pretending original and supporting common plagiarism myths? Does it mean ignoring your growth consciously? Or, do you delude yourself?

German psychologist Erich Fromm has answered these questions. Isn't it a paradox that his interview from 1958 about neglecting personal growth remains on the front burner today, when we all read dozens of books and articles on self-development, making it what we hang our hats on?

Five bullet points from this interview are given below to throw the sunshine to the problems of our society as well as help us change our attitude toward outworld.

1. Wealth Accumulation Becomes The Goal

The permanent wish of wealthy living misleads people.

If you ask Americans what they consider a paradise, big chances are they will tell you about a huge supermarket with new goods coming every week and enough money to buy them all.

2. People Hate Their Jobs

A person has no relevance to it, often being nothing more than a small element of the mass bureaucracy system.

It happens because we feel trapped, spending energy on something we consider pointless. For example, clerks sell unnecessary goods because they have to, so it makes them hate this job.

3. Personal Relationships Become Market-Oriented

That is why our communication reminds goods exchange at the market.

Everyone who has to manipulate people with signs and words (so-called white collars) makes a decision to sell their individualities. And their value depends on a price the market is ready to pay. Falling from grace, these people stay hand to hand with their inferiority feeling.

4. True Love Becomes a Rare Thing

Surrounded by sentiments and amorousness, we indulge in illusions with no experience of true feelings.

It happens because we always deal with goods, worrying about money, success, and means of achievement. To enable the operation of modern society, we've created a class of educated people who are utterly exhausted inside.

5. For Many, Equality Means Sameness

It makes people believe they are inferior if they differ from others.

In fact, equality means that a person can't be a stepping stone to others' achievements. Each of us is a goal in itself.

What's the point?

Our concept of happiness shouldn't lie in endless consumption but, first of all, sincere and creative connections, attention and sympathy toward people, nature, and ourselves.

Yes, growth has never been easy. And yes, happiness is impossible without pain. But the main thing is, individuals can feel pain.

It means, they respond.

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Lesley Vos is a content writer and blogger, a current contributor to many publications on motivation, lifehacks, writing, and online marketing, sharing her thoughts and experience with others. Follow Lesley on Twitter to see more works of hers.