Although online dating seems simple enough, learning how to attract women online, may be just as difficult as meeting the right woman in person. Sure, online dating is easier in the sense that you can set up your likes and dislikes, and get to know someone before you meet; but, if you are not honest, and if you don't use the right sites, it can be difficult meeting women online as well. These are a few tips for men who want to learn how to attract women online, and meet their ideal match.

1. Be honest -
Honesty is key; no relationship can survive without it. Many men put up false identities, but you are eventually going to meet and you don’t want to be found providing false information. So, include:
- Your looks (height, eye color, hair color, etc).
- What your interests are.
- What your turn ons/ offs are.
- What you are looking for.
- If you have kids.

This information, and the bio you create with your online profile, should be honest. It might seem like a white lie saying you are 5'10'', when you are really 5'5'', but when you meet someone, and they realize you have lied to them, it seems as if they didn't get to know you at all. Be honest and forthcoming, as this will make meeting in person easier, and will build a comfortable relationship of trust, before you even start dating.

2. Create an interesting profile -
If you want to learn how to attract women online, you have to sell yourself. Create a profile that speaks volumes about you; what you like to do, what your job is, what type of friends you have, and so on. Sell yourself as an outgoing person, and someone who lives their life; but, also make sure you are honest with what you enjoy. If you hate sports, and find someone online who loves them, what will you have to talk about? Make sure you detail yourself in your bio, and really create an identity for the other person to get to know. Not only will it allow you to connect easily, it will allow you to find women who have the same interests as you do.

3. Add a picture -
Sure, it seems shallow, but just like you want to know whether or not you are attracted to her, she wants to know the same. The basic idea behind finding out how to attract women online, is about portraying yourself completely. So, use pictures online, not only so they can see who they are talking to, but also to showcase your best features. Looks aren't everything, but a physical attraction has to be present, if you want the relationship to work.

4. Use the right sites -
If you are a religious person, someone who loves sports, or someone who loves going to museums, different online sites and dating sites cater to different types of people. Using the right site, is essential to finding someone who shares similar interests as you. If you go to a site which is catered to certain hobbies, people of a certain religion, or other specialized sites, it is far easier to meet your match, and meet someone who truly shares similar interests as you do.

5. Confidence, not arrogance -
There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence; make sure you come off as confident, and someone who is proud, but don't come off as arrogant. Being confident, in your looks, personality, job, and lifestyle, is a great turn on; but, when you start showing off, and putting others down, it is a great turn off to women. Show that you are confident in yourself and your abilities, without having to put others down, or create a false persona, in order to speak to the woman you are attracted to.

Although learning how to attract women online may seem simple enough, it does take a bit of searching, and communicating with a few women, to really find what you are looking for. With so many online dating sites, it is quite possible to meet your ideal match online. Following these simple tips will not only help you find someone you would be compatible with, but also how to build an honest, and open relationship with that person, from the very first communication you have with them.

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