There are countless men who really struggle to attract a woman they are interested in due to the fact that they ultimately do not have enough confidence with women. Given that most women love confident men, this is a trait that many men strive to achieve. It is easier said than done, as you can’t just click your fingers and you instantly have confidence, however there are a number of steps you can take to help become more comfortable and gradually gain confidence with women. If you follow the below 5 tips, this should really help you step in the right direction.

Tip #1 Have Clear Goals

If you want to attract a beautiful woman, you should have some clear goals. Having a purpose and ambition is what women love to see. Who do you think a woman would prefer? Someone who stays at home all day, doesn’t make an effort for anyone or anything. Or alternatively, would she like someone who is constantly striving to achieve their goals as a real go-getter who wants to get the most out of life? I think you’ll agree the answer is obvious. Especially when it comes to relationships, she doesn’t want to have to be the one to push you into doing things all the time. You should be able to have passion, drive and inspiration yourself and it is your responsibility to do so. It also shows her that you have a good head on your shoulders and will plan for the future. There is no woman in the world who wants to spend her entire life with a man without any clear purpose and why should she? This is a reasonable thing for all women to expect who are looking for the best partner to spend their life with. Although this might be a tough message, you need to understand that without enough ambition, you will never be able to get the girl you want. Contrary to this, if you have clear goals, you will feel significantly better about yourself, and have fantastic direction, which will automatically build your confidence without even trying!

Tip #2 Surround Yourself with Great Friends and Family

This is a great way for you to build confidence with women. Most women are attracted to men who have a lot of friends and really value their family. It not only shows where you place your value, but it also shows that you are popular! When you know that you have a lot of good friends and a supportive family, it always boosts your confidence knowing that you have a fantastic support crew who will always be there for you no matter what. People always feel more confident when surrounded by the ones they love compared to those in the world who are alone. Social events are a lot more fun, and a woman will most likely want to be part of the great group. Who knows –she might even come to you! Remember that having good connections (even without a woman in mind) is never a bad thing.

Tip #3 Work on your Appearance

We’re not saying that you need to have a complete make over, however you certainly need to make an effort! It may start off small like having a shave and replacing a few of your really old clothes, but don’t underestimate how much better you feel about yourself when you dress well. You will get two benefits from doing this. 1) An automatic increase in confidence when wearing crisp new clothing that really suits your style and 2) Women are significantly more attracted to men who look after themselves and present themselves well. You will draw a lot more female interest than if you look like Tom Cruise from Castaway! There are enough male magazines out there or male websites where you can get some inspiration if you really don’t know where to start.

Tip #4 Get (If You Haven’t Already) a Good Job

Although it should not be the be all and end all, financial stability is a huge attraction for women. If you are in a good job, you will feel significantly better about yourself compared to if you’re not employed. You will be far more likely to have the confidence with women when you’re in a great job that you enjoy. It not only gives you something different to talk about in conversations, but it will also provide you with financial security giving you options in life. You don’t want to be interested in women who solely go after you for your money as they would most likely be very shallow and superficial, however it certainly is an attractive trait for a man who are able to support themselves.

Tip #5 Date More Often
Like many guys, you probably have a vision of that perfect woman you want to spend time with. She may already in your life –a work colleague, a mate’s sister, someone you play sport with, etc. She may in fact be your ultimate dream girl, but in the meantime you want to date as many women as you possibly can. Even going on bad dates will be great experience for you and that experience is what will build your confidence with women. Remember that practice makes perfect so make sure that you continue to date as many as you can to get those confidence levels up!

Building your confidence with women is very important so that in the long run you will significantly improve your chances of approaching your dream girl and ultimately turn it into a long-term relationship. Don’t give up and always continue to improve yourself as it will always pay off.

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