It's pretty easy to understand what causes nervousness: It's what we feel in the absence of self-confidence. So, the best way to stop feeling nervous is to seek the truth about yourself, about your unrealized talents and potential. You might notice that this means that you don't have to add anything to who you are, but rather, you've got to subtract the thoughts that make you feel limited.

There you have it: Ridding yourself of nervous reactions is a matter of subtraction, not addition. Most feelings of nervousness are based on erroneous notions that make you feel incapable of handling life situations -- be it with business matters, at home with your family or recovering from an illness.

Although nervousness is felt in the body, it actually exists in the mind. It's a consequence of false beliefs of weakness. These beliefs bubble up from your deep subconscious during trying moments. So –- what to do about it? The first step is accepting that "the enemy is within." Here are five tips that can help you banish nervousness from your psychic system:

5 Tips For Combatting Nervousness by Rob White

GPS Guide: Rob White's Tips For Combatting Nervousness

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