When it comes to blogging, one should always keep the words of Oscar Wilde close to one’s heart: “the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about”. Time and again, this has been proven true – the only thing worse than bad publicity is the vast silence of your usual readership. If your literary skills are somewhat questionable or you simply lack the time to write high quality content, you can always turn to professional writing service . With that in mind, let us delve into the depths of tips and tricks that can improve your blog’s readership and help you present compelling, relevant and interesting topics to your target audience.

1. Content is the King Only When You Know Your Audience

We’ve heard this so many times, but what does it actually mean? It means that you need to create blog posts that are interesting and funny or you could go the other way – create something that teaches, educates and is very useful. In order to do that, you need to know your users. What’s their age? What activities they might be interested in? Do your homework and you will know more about why people are (or not) coming back to your blog. When you realize what keeps them up at night, you will know which content works for them.

2. Sharing is Caring

You have good content, your blog posts are compelling, and you’re even getting some readership… But not enough! You might want to share more than once and remind the people that the post is there. Sharing multiple times per day or week is practically a norm these days, and sharing something after a month isn’t a bad decision if you have compelling, quality blog posts. Make a schedule and investigate to see which social network works best for your posts.

3. You Catch more Flies with Honeyed Headlines

You need to capture the attention of people in order to increase your blog’s traffic. Headlines need to be concise, informative and spot-on; they need to be either appealing to reason and offer practical value – “New Workout Helps You Lower Cholesterol in 2 Weeks” – or appeal to emotions. The good example would be something along the lines of “Shocking: Your Pet Might Be In Danger From This Brand”.

4. Take a Peek Under the Hub

Everyone is reading on their phones nowadays – you need to be optimized for this! Check out to see if your blog loads quickly enough on mobile and polish it until it’s lightning fast! There are many useful free tools that can help you optimize your blog for mobile devices like phones or tablets.

5. Long Form + Long Keywords

The best length for a blog posts goes between 1500 and 2500 words – with evidence strongly suggesting that the latter is better. Don’t be afraid to write longer posts and appeal to your readers. Also, don’t forget to do your SEO optimization and use proper keywords when you’re writing your blogs. Longer keywords which consist of 3 or more words have less competition and might be even better than shorter ones.

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