Students are given assignment with the objective of evaluating their entire learning from a course as suggested by assignment helper Malaysia. However it is not that easy for student to complete their assignment as per assessor's expectation. There are many obstacles and difficulties in the process of completing assignments successfully. It is therefore important for students to focus on five below success mantras in achieving success in their assignment.
1) Start early: This is one of the most important area that a student needs to look on. This has been a huge problem with majority of the student that they fail to start their assignment initially and it becomes too late thereafter. It is therefore quite important for the students to start early and focus on understanding the requirements, and try to gather for new information to enhance their knowledge. By starting early, they might have enough time to make adjustments to achieve success in their assignment.
2) Don’t panic: Majority of the student panic while doing the assignment. This can be for a number of reasons such as not having an idea of what needs to be done, not having enough time to do the assignment, the subject is somewhat complex and have no idea of how to approach the assignment, or it can be any other reason. It is highly important for students to not to panic, and try to remain calm while doing the assignment. It is the panic moment that further creates difficulties in successfully approaching an assignment. It is therefore important to remain focused and not to get panicked from the difficult situation.
3) Emphasise on research: Another common issue identified among student is the lack of sufficient research by them while doing the assignment as per do my assignment experts. They are highly reliant on their own knowledge and understanding about the topic. They believe that their understanding about the topic is sufficient enough to complete the assignment with perfection. However this is a major mistake by them and it is highly recommended to do sufficient research on the topic before approaching to work on an assignment. It is good to have enough knowledge before starting to approach an assignment. Sufficient amount of research further contribute towards enhancement of knowledge about the topic and thereby guarantee success in the assignment.
4) Always ready for feedback: Taking feedback is an important strategy in achieving success in an assignment. It is a common problem among students that they hesitate in seeking feedback from their peers and lecturers. At the result, that final assignment still lacks many important discussions and ultimately contributes towards lower marks. It is therefore important to adapt a learning approach and always ready to seek feedback and incorporate them in their assignment.
5) Keep learning from mistakes: Learning by doing thing is the best approach applicable in case of academic as well. It is always good to adapt learning approach by way of analysing the mistakes. This would further help in not repeating the similar kind of mistakes in future assignment, and ultimately the situation would be win-win in all future assignments. It is therefore a good strategy to perform a critical analysis of all the mistakes in the existing assignment so that similar kind of mistakes can be stopped from repeating again.
These are some of the important success mantra and that it students should emphasize on while approaching to work on an assignment. They can help in definitely achieving good marks in assignment.

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