042314_crocus237-2There's nothing like a touch of spring in the air to stir my curiosity about what lessons the spring season may offer. The 75-degree weather in the Boston area during early April sure sparked me. I decided to do some spring-cleaning around the yard and began with the flower beds, figuring that a little leaf raking would make a great start. I felt like an archeologist as I peeled back the layers of leaves. And what a treasure I found underneath. The beautiful Crocus plants had already broken through the hard, crusty ground of winter and were beginning to blossom. While spring wrestled with winter, the Crocus flower was already becoming strong -- a harbinger of the new vibrant life that would soon be all around us. As I carefully cleared away the remaining leaves, I began wondering this: "If a Crocus could communicate, what could it teach us about renewal?" Here is lesson one of five I will be revealing  throughout the week:

Lesson # 1: This spring-blooming plant patiently endures the uncertainty of the weather in New England, and its endurance assures the certainty that it will be the first of the flowering plants to display its beautiful colors. When we can accept and become comfortable with uncertainty in our lives, when we no longer insist that things happen as we expect, from this flexible attitude dawns a powerful state of knowing. We begin feeling secure about ourselves, and that's because real strength does not reside in certainty, but in a deeper understanding of the nature of things. This understanding elevates our consciousness above the tightness of rigid expectations, revealing the immutable truth that there is always a way. Perhaps it's not the way we intended, but if we have faith, and persist, the way will reveal itself. So the first lesson the Crocus would teach us is this: Dare to live with a little more uncertainty.


It's good to know that nature is always sending unassuming, ordinary gurus our way to offer us the perfect lesson that we need in the moment in order to grow. You would be amazed at how the daily pressures of life will fade when you learn to live more like a Crocus. The whole of existence is in a wonderful unfolding dance -- learn to relax and enjoy the dance!

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