The Holiday time can be a challenge and you may think this is a terrible time to market your programs and services but let's think about that again!

It seems like I have gotten more holiday cards earlier this year than usual. I have barely even thought about them yet so I best get going!

The Holidays are actually a good time to do some things differently. It's a time to offer something that you might not usually offer.

Here are some ideas for you and I am sure you can come up with more ideas on your own; these will just get you thinking in the right direction.

#1: If you have products that you maybe haven't promoted in awhile this might be a good time to do a Holidays sale to your list and offer a great discount. You'll see people doing this for even 50% of the normal investment. The Holidays are a time of giving, so this is an opportunity to show your gratitude to the people on your list.

#2: Do you have a special service that you only offer several times a year? Maybe this is a good time to do that. One of the services that I like to offer is my VIP days. I offer them at a lower investment than usual to help get people ready for the New Year.

#3: Coupons or Holiday Gift Cards can be a fun way to offer your services. If you are a member of the ICF (International Coach Federation) they have great gift certificates you can offer either your entire list or your special private clients. You might do a drawing or contest. Be creative and have fun while doing something special.

#4: Send your special clients, those who pay for your more premium services, a card or postcard. I use Send Out cards myself and love not just the cards but the gifts as well. (Especially the brownies!)

#5: A wonderful gift? A gift to yourself. You have worked hard this year and you deserve a treat. It could either be a business gift to yourself or a personal one. A business gift to yourself might be hiring a VA (Virtual Assistant) for jobs in your business you don't like to you or don't want to do. You should be doing what you love and use the 'gifts' that you have. A personal gift might be taking a whole day off and doing something you love, being with a friend, going for a hike or skiing, or just sit with a good book.

I know there are many more ways to do business a little differently during the Holiday season. Just be sure you do at least one thing different that you can offer your followers and one thing that you will do for yourself.

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