At all places in the world we can find people who worship Lord Hanuman with utmost faith and sincerity. All across the globe there are innumerable devotees of Lord Hanuman; they worship Lord Anjaneya in various forms and ways.

Worshiping the Vayuputra gives devotee strength, physical and mental alike. All difficulties are overcome, Lord Hanuman, the divine source of knowledge bestows his worshippers with knowledge and wisdom.

Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa builds a strong moral character in a devotee irrespective of his age and also induces many positive qualities. Hanuman Chalisa is the most revered and adored prayer in the world, it is written praising Lord Hanuman's devotion to Bhagwan Sri Ram. And it is by doing a paath of the holy prayer that one always stays within the scrutiny of Bajrang Bali. Some of the many benefits of chanting this divine prayer are:-

- Wish Fulfilment-
Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa has innumerable benefits on our existence and not just chanting, but merely listening to the hymn also works positively for ones well being.

As one chants the holy prayer, it creates a positive environment within the living environment; entire family is benefited tremendously such that benefits are physical, mental and spiritual.

- Lord Hanuman, the infinite source of wisdom and strength-

Chanting the divine prayer infuses the worshipper's life with a positive energy as he becomes active and energetic. He gets over his laze and this also helps him get over minor ailments or problems like headache, depression, stress or insomnia.

- Divine spiritual knowledge-

Chanting the chaupais of the holy prayer blesses with divine knowledge and a much enhanced sense of spirituality. The devotee finds wisdom, all obstacles in the spiritual journey is overcome.

- Removing Obstacles-

Chanting Hanuman Chalisa lets one overcome even the most difficult of obstacles, one is not hampered by the difficulties in life. The devotee is then freed from all types of stress, tensions or problems in life.

- Protection from black magic, ghosts and all negativity-

Chanting this magical prayer drives away black magic and negative energies in all forms, which includes ghosts and bhoot pishachas.

The Divya Hanuman Chalisa pendent is a devotional pendent of great spiritual value, has the entire text of the Divya Jyotivan hanuman Chalisa etched on a crystal placed inside the pendent. With aid of a lens provided right above Hanumanji's Tilak, the holy prayer on the pendent is entirely readable.

The spiritual pendent also has the Divya Hanuman Chalisa Yantra engraved towards its rear.

With The Divya Hanuman Chalisa pendent, always find blessings of by Lord Anjaneya and also his divine interventions in your day to day life.

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