No one wants to be lonely. Few people want to be single. Most of us are looking for a relationship where we can grow as a couple, have fun, and support each other. This includes emotionally unavailable people, commonly called commitment phobes. These people express a compulsive avoidance of intimacy while constantly hunting for an intimate relationship. They are never clear about being unavailable and can touch the heart of a woman far easier than a ‘normal’ man.

Women need to reach a point where they are prepared to be a little pickier, and guard their heart before letting they fall for a man. It takes time to start seeing the signs. It can take longer if the couple has engaged in sex. While sex is fun, it blinds us to the other person’s flaws

Here are some warning signs That the Relationship is Doomed from the Start:

-He is in a relationship when he meets you
-He is very recently separated
-He’s in a long distance relationship
-The relationship never goes to the next level
-He is very reliant on text messages , Instand Messaging and emails
-He is ambiguous about the status of the relationship
-You’re not sure when you’ll hear from him next
-The relationship is more of a booty call
-He admits that he dates multiple women sinultaniously
-He talks about his ex and things that happened a little to often
-He’s a mommy’s boy
-He doesn’t involve you in his life, or get involved in yours
-Everything works on his schedule
-He won’t take calls
-There are pockets of time when he disappears
-Tries to sleep with you on the first night
-Rarely communicate between ‘meeting up’
-He tries to force the ‘relationship’ quickly
-All talk and little relationship unless he wants something

These red flags can indicate a relationship problem. The following is not a list of all the dangerous men who date women, it focuses on those who are emotionally unavailable.

Committing to One Partner

This person is terrified of being in love with one person. They see themselves losing their personal power or their identity. To avoid this he enters in several relationships at one time. They do not feel convicted by their lifestyle. They justify their behaviour easily. They admit they are not the marrying kind, but have been married at least once. . They rarely use the word girlfriend.

This person will terminate a relationship when they feel they are falling for the person. This is a typical compulsive behaviour that usually is born from a painful situation.

The Lurker

This person loves dating and meeting new people. They are sincere in this claim. Their motivation is not to find their soul mate. It is the fear that they will be in a relationship and miss their soul mate. Surprisingly, this person has no idea what they are looking for. They will date any type of woman in the eternal search for the woman who doesn’t exist.

Co dependent

This is one of the most dangerous. The relationship starts with love at first sight. Eyes meet across the room and he is instantly in love. You are flattered. He dotes on you and treats you like a queen – until he has you. Once you belong to him then he controls your life. He is often the Paraoid Jealous kind. He won’t trust you around anyone, even your family. He wants you to be there when he makes plans, but doesn’t mind leaving you high and dry.

Wrong Type

This person will purposely become involved with someone who doesn’t meet their needs and then go looking for someone else to fulfil their needs. This type is typical for both men and women. The problem with this type is that they feel that if their partner truly loved them then they would love them back. They don’t realize that their emotions are blocked.

Serial Monogamist

This person quickly gets into an exclusive and committed relationship with one person. The relationships are long term. But they are more interested in how you make them feel rather than you. These people are seriously looking for a relationship but the other person has to do all the work. This is a one sided relationship. The physical intimacy is intense and the romance intriguing. For a short while they are blinded by hormones and believe that you are the only one. They promise you the world. Promise they love you. Then they leave you heartlessly when the rush wears off. They are incapable of dealing with the reality of a relationship.

The Avoidant

Avoidant is the most widespread emotionally unavailable type. They get in a relationship and style there for years. They avoid romance and even sexual contact, then go on a binge of one night stands. They are typically honest and cheat on the surface, but they can live a secret life that no one knows about. They are very damaging to themselves and those close to them. One way to identify these types is by the fact that they are uncomfortable with intimacy, conflicts or any confrontation. They can become violent. They are also prone to addictions like TV that keep them out of their own lives.

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Suzanne James has 10 years experience as an online life coach and using the telephone to facilitate her coaching strategy. She has vast experience helping clients reset their core values, make changes in their communication and relationship styles, and take back control of their lives. There is a wealth of information on her website: