Today’s small business owners have so much to do when engaging their customers. Staying hyper-focused on bringing in new customers is important. It is also important when courting a financing source, whether traditional or nontraditional. When you are in need of financing, especially if you are a start-up or small business owner, your financing source will become a vital part of your business.

What a lender requires is just as important as the needs of your customers. You want customers to buy your products or services, or both. You also need the lender to finance the survival or future growth of your business.

Here are five (5) important reasons to have a website:

1. Online Presence – Having an online presence gives potential lenders or investors and customers immediate access to your business. They also have the opportunity to see how you present your business in the marketplace. It is important for them to read pertinent information that enables them to make decisions that will benefit them firsthand. This information will help them determine how you view your products and/or services, and how you value your customers or anyone else who interacts with you.

2. Tells Your Story– Your website provides the information others need to make a decision regarding purchasing your products and/or services or financing your business. Your “About Us or About Me” page can be a deciding factor as to whether or not someone wants to do business with you. This page should give some professional background on you and your team, as well as the history of your business. This vital information will make your customers and potential lenders feel more confident about doing business with you. Please bear in mind that having a website is not, and never will be, the sole deciding factor in whether or not you receive the financing you need. It is a lot more intricate than that.

3. Business Awareness – Being on the internet makes it easy for potential customers and lenders to learn about you. They can research your products and/or services without having to call you or meet you in person. Having a clear description of your business and how you operate is a necessary part of making your website both user-friendly and content rich.

4. Contact Options– Lenders and customers must have a way to contact you. When they have various ways of contacting you, it makes them feel more secure about doing business with you. Remember, the web site is not for you, although it is about you and your business. It is for those individuals who prefer to visit your web site prior to contacting you, or even for those who might just want to send you feedback about your products and/or services. You never know, they might have a customer referral for you during the hours your business is closed and want to get information over to you as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to make it easier for people to contact you online.

5. Levels the Playing Field – In today’s internet-savvy world, billions of people are online daily, and most businesses have a website. You might think your start-up or small business does not need one. You might want to check what your competitors are doing. Most likely, they will have a website. Potential lenders will look at your competitors’ websites to help them understand your industry, and to determine what makes your business different or better than your competitors.

If your internet presence needs improvement, start working on it now. If you had a website, but it is no longer up and running, get it back on track. I am not suggesting that having a web site will make you a ton of money or get you the financing you need, but it levels the playing field for you when others are conducting research prior to doing business with you. I am sure you would not want your competitors to be the only ones getting this type of online exposure. Having a online web presence is definitely an advantage in the competitive world of business today.

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Karlene Sinclair-Robinson, dubbed "The Queen of Business Financing" is an entrepreneur, small business consultant, speaker, motivator, and author. She is considered the "Alternative Financing Expert" in the area of small business financing. She coaches start ups and small business owners who want to get their business moving forward.

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