Crotchet is the process of creating a fabric by interlocking loops of yarn and thread using a crochet hook. Some people confuse knitting with crocheting, but they are different because for crocheting you use crochet hooks and you have to complete a stitch before proceeding to the next. Knitting can be done by hand or a machine like the portable sewing machine, but unlike in crocheting knitting keeps multiple stitches open at a time.

Crochet is an activity that has been done by women from time immemorial. Although it can be seen as an oldies activity, it can be done by anyone. With the presence of YouTube and other DIY platforms, you can easily learn how to crochet within a short time. We have compiled for you five reasons that will make you understand the importance of crocheting and it will motivate you into starting your crochet project.

It is good for your mental health

Some research studies done by Mayo clinic on women who crocheted daily showed that their risk of getting dementia was reduced by 40%. Since the crocheting process stimulates your mind it will prevent memory loss. The repetitive nature of stitching in crochet provides relaxation to the mind that can be compared to yoga and meditation. It also forms synapses which improve the ability to learn new things. It can also help those who suffer from insomnia because it relaxes the mind enough to let you fall asleep.

Stress and anxiety reliever

We all know that stress can be devastating to our mental and physical health. Crocheting lets you get lost in the stitches and you forget your problems for the entire crocheting time because you have to focus on the stitches and the pattern. So when you feel like you are going through stressful moments, then this is the best way to relax. Just sit back and let the hook and yarn under the control of your hands do the therapeutic magic.

Sense of accomplishment

It feels good to hold a finished crochet project in your hands. It will give you great satisfaction when you get positive compliments about your project. You can give it out as a gift or sell it. When we see something beautiful that we crafted, it actually boosts our self-esteem.

Keeps you busy

Crocheting has helped several people to quit smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol. This is because crocheting keeps your hands and mind busy. You get lost in the stitches and you really want to finish the project and start a new one or you are eager to see the end product. Crocheting keeps our creative channels alive and active, bringing fun to a monotonous day! Keeping the hands busy can make the mind quieter and the heart a little fuller. The hand and eye coordination improve the motor skills hence reducing arthritis.

Homemade gifts

A skein of yarn can cost you less than $10. This yarn can enable you to complete various projects of your choice. This can be a good way to craft various gifts for your family members in a very cheap way! Also crocheting is unique and how you do it may not be the same as someone else’s so you create a unique piece of art. You can also customize to suit the personality of the person you are giving it to. Who doesn’t like receiving handmade gifts? We all love them because it makes us feel special to think that somebody took their time and energy to come up with something specifically for us. It will make you remember and appreciate more that person who gave you the gift every time you put on that gift.

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