The importance of staying fit and healthy cannot be repeated enough. If you aren’t already jogging, cycling or exercising in some form then you are definitely putting yourself in danger in the long run. But it is easier to tell someone to exercise, the tougher job is to actually motivate oneself enough to hit the treadmill. This is where a personal fitness trainer comes to the picture and changes the entire scenario. A qualified trainer can not only help you understand your shortcomings but can also help you achieve your goals faster. Here are five reasons why you need a personal trainer.

1. Reduces the Chances of Injury
One of the common reasons why people fear exercising is the risk of injury. Their fears aren’t unfounded because poor execution and ignorance are common causes of injury. When you have a personal trainer guiding and watching your every move, the chances of injury reduces and you get far better results.

2. Helps Set Long-Terms Goals
A personal trainer understands individual needs and requirements and plans an exercising regime accordingly. They are in a far better position to set long-term goals that bring conclusive results.

3. Constant Motivators
It is not easy to wake up every morning and exercise. There will be days when you would want to sleep in late or cheat your diet. Staying motivated and focused isn’t always easy. This is where a personal trainer helps. He helps change your though-process, gives structure to your daily routine and turns you into a doer rather than a thinker.

4. Brings Variety in Your Routine
Exercising can get boring if you are forced to do the same thing every day. Without guidance, you may end up falling into a boring trap. A professional trainer brings variety and creativity to your daily exercising schedule, making you do a lot more than you thought yourself capable of doing.

5. Becomes a Friend
In most cases, a trainer becomes a friend with whom you can share your doubts, understand your inner strength and express your concerns. A skilled trainer will understand your health, injuries, and goals and design a routine that suits your body.

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The author of this article is a personal fitness trainer at Ocean Personal Training, that offers yoga, walking, body weight training, nature, swimming and positive conversations to our clients.