There are many different reasons why individuals don't go through First Aid training programs:

  • They don't know how to find one
  • They're too busy
  • They think they know enough already, or
  • They think that only other people are involved in accidents and not them or their colleagues, family, and friends.

Ask anyone who has been through a first aid training program to see if they think it was worth it and they will say a resounding "yes!" It is essential to have some basic first aid knowledge. The following are 5 reasons why it is so important.

It has other benefits beyond saving lives.

Although it is true that first aid training saves lives, that is not all it does.

When the appropriate first aid is given immediately, it can help to reduce the individual's recovery time and make a big difference between a patient having either a long term or temporary disability. You will learn how to stay calm during emergencies and learn basic acronyms that will help you remember the steps that need to be taken. First aid training can make you comfortable and confident and as a result, more in control and effective whenever necessary.

It allows you to increase a patient's comfort level.

Not all illnesses, injuries, or accidents require going to the hospital but that doesn't mean that the patient isn't suffering or in pain. A child who is crying due to having a fever or bruised elbow is suffering and in pain.

By knowing how you should act - even through just employing basic techniques like applying an ice pack properly, or using the right bandages, you can help to relieve a person's discomfort. You can also provide them with emotional support by remaining calm which can help to reduce their anxiety levels and make them feel a lot more secure.

It provides you with the tools to prevent things getting worse.

If a patient isn't immediately given basic first aid care in certain situations, their condition will deteriorate - and rapidly at times. Having the ability to provide basic care will allow you to stabilize the patient until the emergency medical services get there. You will learn how basic house items can be used when there is no first aid kit available which means you will be able to manage in many emergency situations.

You will also receive training on how data and information can be collected about the patient's condition and what occurred. That information can then be given to emergency services which will save time, and means you will be a very valuable part of the survival process.

It increases your confidence in providing care.

When you have basic first aid knowledge it will give you confidence in your abilities and skills that relate to first aid administration. When you take the training, it can help you reflect on yourself as well as how others and you react in specific situations. When you have this understanding it will give your confidence a boost in many non-medical daily situations.

It encourages safe and healthy living.

When doing the training, one of the very first things that you will learn is you have to look after yourself and make your own safety a priority. That is being practical and not selfish. When you keep yourself safe you will be in a position to help others instead of needing help yourself.

Another thing you will learn is how important healthy living is and how your lifestyle choices and habits can decrease or increase your risks for developing problems like coronary heart disease. When you have this knowledge, it results in you being more alert to possible hazards that are posed by your surroundings and having a greater knowledge of your health.

The AEM First Aid Training program offers comprehensive first aid training that will prepare you for many different situations and provide you with the knowledge and confidence for how to deal with them efficiently, correctly, and quickly.

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