Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale. Princeton, Stanford, UNSW, LSE. Globalisation has made foreign education accessible to aspirants from all across the world and these top international university names often come up in ambitious students’ imaginations. However, it is far difficult to apply to a top international university because the competition is that much tough. The seats are limited. The volume of applications is enormous. And not everyone is deemed eligible to take up a seat in the coveted colleges.


Apart from academic scores and competitive exam results, these universities look for certain qualities among their incoming students. And you need to work on these rather than single-mindedly sprint towards scoring high scores. Most of your global competition will have high grades. It is the following qualities that can set you apart.


  1. Passion for the subject you choose

Studying in one of the best cbse school in sonipat helps with this quality. To understand if you are truly passionate about a stream, you need to explore multiple subjects first and then exactly comprehend how the niche you pick is actually like. Over time, you need to build expertise in the subject you choose and work on innovative projects to show your passion. The top universities test passion and can easily differentiate the true lovers from the fake ones. You need to take advantage of your school’s career counselling department and find your passion as soon as possible.


  1. Your communication skills

The international universities assume that you will have a language barrier to cross because your are a foriegn student in a foreign university. They do not expect you to have exceptional English skills but your communication should be impeccable. The top universities generally test your expression and comprehension abilities. If asked a unique and out-of-the-box question, can you form ideas, recall past incidents and put them into words that the other person can understand? Communication is important in foreign universities because you will meet students from around the globe. And you need to gel with all to thrive in the environment.


  1. Your relationship with failure and adversity

In other words, they want students who can persevere and rise above setbacks. And the top boarding schools in delhi ncr already infuse these skills among their students, thus, keeping them a step ahead in international university applications. The curriculum of Oxford or Harvard is designed to test their students. Many have to see failure first to bring out their true potential and thrive in the academic ambiance. Hence, the admission experts do not only look for the brightest minds of the world. They search for students who can stick to the path despite the involved adversity and bring home success rather than waiting for it.


  1. Your personal and professional goals

In the questionnaire that they send out as part of their application forms, most international universities ask their applicants what they expect to get out of their college education. And this is where many students falter because not many are sure what they wish to do during their stay in the college or after passing out. “Working for the top company” or “becoming successful” are vague answers. The universities expect you to write down an action plan during the 4 years at college and the following 5 years after. They test if you are organised, know what you are doing and can plan ahead, given your ambitions.


  1. The skill diversity that you will bring to the University

The top international universities are also upfront about what they wish to get from their incoming students and skill diversity is right up at the top in their list. They wish to admit leaders and team players. They want entrepreneurs and able managers. They look for specific cultural lessons, unique exposures, diverse expertise in multiple hobbies and community awareness on pressing social issues. Your resume need not be long but it must have diversity. You cannot just be good at one thing but should add value by becoming a part of the prestigious college. If you aspire to study in one, awaken your exploring side and try various activities.


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Swarnprastha Public School students are best equipped to apply for the top international universities and crack the admission procedures. Being one of the boarding school in north india, SPS students are already independent, collaborative, academically ahead and skilled. SPS also provides early career counselling to its students to pinpoint their professional path and offers a range of extra-curricular activities to build diverse skills. Schools, after all, are precursors to colleges and universities. A student needs to get the best schooling to become eligible for a top international university.