If you are looking for the best things to do after dinner in South Lake Tahoe, then you are in for a treat.  Without a doubt, the Lake Tahoe nightlife scene is one of the many highlights of this bustling resort destination in the Sierra Nevada mountains. You’ll find ski resorts, hiking trails, and beaches also with casinos, theaters, and nightclubs to keep you entertained.

You’ll have plenty of things to keep yourself occupied. With live music and some relaxing drinks at a stunning lakeside, you’ll earn yourself a peaceful time alone. Read the article to find out where to go in South Lake Tahoe at night.

The Idle Hour

The Idle Hour is a wine bar and events venue located on the lakefront of Tahoe. Popular among both locals and tourists, this place is a great spot for a little wine testing. The place is very knowledgeable about wine and they share the knowledge with customers. If wine is not isn’t thing, there’s also a healthy chart of cocktails and craft beers to choose from. With the perfect lakefront location, the place is also a popular wedding venue. The sunset scenario is also stunning to watch from here. You can enjoy your drink from the deck, but it's better if you are present there before 5 pm because it starts to get crowded after that time. 

Whiskey Dick’s

Whiskey Dick’s is a very popular place among the locals and visitors alike. It is a longstanding dive bar in South Tahoe Lake. Drinks are the main draw here. The place offers over 100 beers and also a wide range of cocktails. There are chicken wings, nachos, burgers on the menu if you want to grab a quick-bite. You'll usually find the jukebox off while live music with many different genres takes the center stage on the weekends. The bar attends the customers in the afternoon, while daytime you’ll find the place quiet and subdued.

Himmel Haus

Himmel Haus is a German restaurant and the bar serves a variety of German and Belgian beers and wine. The place offers a wide choice of wines such as Pilshner, Bock and Dunkel Marzen.. From the Belgian list, you’ll find Lambic, Blond, Wit and many more. There are also many entertainment features available there including quiz nights, live music, open-mic nights, movie nights to keep you entertained. The highlight of the year takes place from around mid-September to the first week of October every year, when Oktoberfest is celebrated.

The Loft Theater

The Loft Theater is a lounge bar, restaurant, and performance theater, having an all in one feature. Popular for its nightly magic show, Magic Fusion, which represents the conjuring skills of some of the top names in the international magic scene in a small, intimate setting.

The theater restaurant also serves fine Italian cuisine and, if you’re lucky, there may even be a wandering magician working the tables while you dine. And you can have a dining experience if you’re planning to have a casual meal, there’s an American Tapas restaurant on the 3rd floor. It’d be best to book ahead, if you want to watch the magic shows though. There’s a discount for booking at least one day ahead and tickets can be bought online.

Heavenly Village Cinema

Heavenly Village Cinema offers a quaint, old-school experience when it comes to movie-watching. It plays host to all the latest Hollywood blockbusters, but without the typical services you get from your local multiplex. This place is a welcoming retreat from the cold Tahoe night and a suitable place for an intimate date with your partner. The seating process is “first-come, first-served”. The daytime shows are a little cheaper than nighttime. Grab yourself soft drinks and popcorn and enjoy a quality time with your partner.

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