Nowadays almost everyone is aware of marijuana, informally called weed. In many countries, the production and consumption of weed have been prohibited by their governing bodies. But after numerous scientific researches that proved several health benefits can be achieved by consuming particular components of the cannabis plant the story of marijuana changed a little bit. Knowing its medicinal and economical benefits, few countries decided to legalize it. You can see many online dispensaries are selling them openly in such countries.

More and more people have started consuming medicinal marijuana purchasing it online which has increased the market for weed. Buying weed online is considered to be the most convenient way to shop as you just have to sit back, order, and wait for it to get delivered. But despite all this, a lot of people don’t feel comfortable buying marijuana online because they are not confident in online suppliers regarding privacy policies or product quality assurance.
So here we are going to debunk a number of such myths that make people pull their hands back while ordering weed online.

1. Is It Illegal?

This is the most common thought that every beginner purchaser of weed gets attacked with. What if he got jailed for buying weed. The answer to this is - if you are living in a country where buying and selling marijuana is legal then you won’t have to face any legal charges ever. You have all the freedom to buy weed online. Just ensure that you make a purchase from a licensed dispensary.

2. Low Quality

Most people have misconceptions that the quality of weed purchased by online suppliers will not be as good as the one purchased from mainstream outlets. But this is just another myth as most online dispensaries sell high-quality marijuana with clearly mentioned THC and CBD content present in the product. There is no difference between online & offline store products. What you have to do is to vet specific online dispensaries carefully that sell high-potency weed, the same way you do before purchasing anything from an offline store.

3. Worldwide Shipping

Another myth regarding online cannabis purchase is that people think the weed products are shipped worldwide. But that’s not true. Online dispensaries deliver only in the region where purchasing of weed has been legalized by the government. In fact, the buyers are asked for their residential proof, their age while making a purchase.

4. Is It Unsafe?

Those who don’t know much think that marijuana purchased online may not be safe to consume. The fact is that if you buy from a reputed and quality dispensary then there is no need to worry as products from such dispensaries(like Canadian dispensaries) are pure, lab-tested, and cultivated for quality.

5. Privacy Fear

Buying weed online seems a risky affair to those who are very concerned about their privacy. A phobia prevails among people that their private details might land in the wrong hands and this phobia is quite common. But the truth is that highly reputable stores maintain their privacy policy well and protect their client’s information. Just look for the best store to shop safely.

Stop worrying about the myths and start buying weed online. Embracing the medicinal potential of marijuana more and more people are consuming weed both for medicinal and recreational purposes. You decide your purpose & start executing it.

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Lucas is an experienced cannabis content writers who write on various cannabis health related topics.