With the holiday season upon us, do you find your hope-filled plans mixed with anxiety? Do you long for the perfect holidays of your youth but fear a repeat of last year’s performance? This year, invite peace and pleasantry to your party.

Using these 5 actions creates a holiday celebration you (and your guests!) will look forward to:

1. Leave the Past Behind
Let the failed celebrations of the past stay in the past: they don’t need to be the uninvited guests to this year’s festivities. Make this celebration brand new. Consider your guest list as though you are meeting them for the first time and believe everyone will enjoy your efforts.

2. Create the Event
Imagine exactly what you want to experience in your celebration. How does it make you feel? Write down the emotions the imagery sparks and let these emotions excite you while you plan. Share this excitement with others as you create the event you’ve imagined. . Have fun, be creative! They will respond with their support, perhaps even their help!

3. Plan Simply
List the event “to do’s” using the basic who, what, when and where. Once the plan is set, resist adding to it. Keep it simple. Simplicity means more time with your guests and less room for mishaps.

4. Remember Self Care Routines
Build in time for yourself, even if it is only five minutes here and there. Use this time to renew your spirit, to replenish your energy and enthusiasm.

5. Stay Present
If something goes wrong, embrace the moment, find the humor in it, and then move forward. Take your five minutes to re-energize, and continue celebrating!

Author's Bio: 

Camille Scielzi is a life coach, author, and speaker dedicated to assisting idealists to act on their beliefs. She uses emotional intelligence principles to work with clients one on one, in tele-seminars, and group coaching to break down the emotional walls holding them back from Living Life Out Loud! www.tameyourlife.org.