I had some real plans for how to spend my less busy time during the holidays. From December 19th to January 1st I only had 1 client each week. Wow. Certainly different than my usual week!

Here are some of the things I accomplished and feel really good about. If any of these actions look like something that you need to do to start the year out fresh then keep reading.

1. I tried very diligently to clean out my email box. I had people I hadn't followed up with in a timely manner which I immediately took care of. I set up more folders which I really hadn't done before and that should really help with that organization piece. Important emails from my VA don't need to sit in my in-box. They can go in a folder. I also set up 'rules' which I had never done before. Let's see how that works!

2. I was brutal in my office. I have just GOT to keep this place more organized so that I can find things better and have my office feel more 'open' to creativity. I don't even allow my cleaning lady in because the desktop is totally covered and there are stacks of papers all over the floor so she can't even vacuum. UGH. It's amazing how much I threw away! Now to keep it this way.

3. I am certainly not finished but I have gone through my documents with many years of information and deleted what I am sure I will never need again. Then I set up more folders and moved things into them. I.e. articles, training calls, testimonials, all in one place! This is not complete by any means but it's a start.

4. I reorganized my file cabinets. I have many things that can be moved downstairs so I have more room for work 'stuff' upstairs in my office. Such as, I do not need my bills and statements next to my desk. They can go downstairs in my filing cabinet right next to my desk where I actually pay my bills. Why did it take me so long to figure this one out??

5. Go through all my bookcases in my office, I have 3, and get rid of what's not applicable to me anymore. Especially my 3 ring binders. If I haven't looked at them in more than a year or two I am probably not going to. I have lots of 'shelf help' and some can get really dated. Like binders on how to do an ezine or social media that is one or more years old is already out of date. Toss it. (Keep the binder, of course!)

I would not be telling the truth if I said I got all this done 100%. But I got a really, really good start and it feels better already. I will continue this journey through my office and vow to keep it neat and tidy.

I hope this give you some good ideas on how to start out the new year with a clean and organized space to work, a place to be creative and work on your business for this next chapter.

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