Be it good or bad habit, once inculcated, we do not need to make a conscious effort to follow one or keep in check. The one thing about habit is that after a prolonged period of time, it becomes a part of us, and what we do, how we think, and the way we react eventually depends upon what we keep doing over and over again.

Considering the fact that anxiety can be easily avoided and tackled using one’s own will power and optimism, there are almost 65% of people who complain of stress and anxiety on a regular basis. It all boils down to perspective and the trust in one’s own ability when it comes to handling adverse situations.

Here’s taking a look at some habits that bring about or deteriorate anxiety:

Pessimism- You are not born with a negative attitude towards life, a lot of people tend to chose pessimism as a way of life. Anxiety is a negative feeling in itself and with your mind running in circles with negative thoughts; the stress level is bound to get worse.

Lack of activity- An empty mind most definitely is the devil’s workshop. Studies have revealed that people who keep themselves occupied are less stressed out than others.
Putting job over everything else- Workaholics swear by working round the clock, and hence miss out on family time. So, when things go awry, they do not have a support system to back upon. It is much easier when you have someone to share your grief with.

Another drawback for over-enthusiastic professionals is that the constant pressure of work lead to workplace stress and degenerate one’s quality of life.
Compromising on sleep- Sleep is the fuel your body runs on. If have made it a habit to stay up till the wee hours or get sleep in snatches, it’s time you change your habits for the better.

Coffee and Sugar addiction- Caffeine is our modern day holy grail, and if you are a self-confessed workaholic, chances are coffee is your best ally. However, apart from rejuvenating almost instantly, coffee also tends to make one nervous. Similarly, sugar too makes you feel lethargic after giving a momentary rush.

How to change habits that make you anxious

The first step to making a permanent change is by changing your mindset. Prepare yourself to change for the better and come hail-or-high water, pledge to stick by.
• Chalk up a schedule that should be practical and also give enough leverage for you to fill in your daily work goal.
• Get enough sleep, zero in on a particular timing as your bed time and even if you are not sleepy, go lie down and try to sleep.
• Reach out and connect with people. Take a break and visit your family or plan a trip with your friends. Make space for weekend getaways in your schedule.
• It’s okay to disconnect for a while. Switch off your phone, get off the internet and go enjoy a drink at your favorite lounge.
• Give up caffeine for green tea. Contrary to the popular belief, coffee does not keep you up all night; it’s mostly in the mind. Also, green tea does have traces of caffeine (enough to rejuvenate you) and is a healthier option for both your brain and body.

Be aware of your habits, write them down in a diary and analyze which one needs to be changed in order to improve the quality of your current life.

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My name is Mulyadi Kurnia. I am a practitioner of meditation and yoga and has been experiencing the benefits of the practices. Having gone through the periods of stress and anxiety myself, I know first hand of how unpleasant this experience could be. Through this article, I intend to share my knowledge and experience on stress-related topics. For more information on stress management tips, visit,