Women are very complex and complicated creatures. No wonder men are oftentimes confused by female attraction signals that ladies are sending out.

It may seem difficult to decipher these signals, but learning to watch out for some fool-proof indications will help you identify female attraction signals which are real and promising from those that are imaginary and doomed.

Signal # 1: She likes talking to you and spending time with you.

A girl who is interested in you will always take the opportunity to talk to you and be with you, or make excuses to do so.

When you are talking to a lady and you notice that she participates actively in the conversation, it may be a sign that she is into you. If she gives clipped answers and looks around when you are talking to her, it means she lacks interest.

Signal # 2: She introduces you to her friends and family.

Introducing you to her friends and family members is one of the classic female attraction signals. It means she isn’t embarrassed about being seen or being associated with you.

It also means that she considers you to be a fixture in her life, someone who she thinks will stick around for a long time.

Signal # 3: She laughs at your jokes.

If a woman laughs at your jokes, even when you know they’re not really funny, then that is another telltale sign. A girl who doesn’t like you will just politely smile or else laugh sarcastically and make excuses to get away from you.

Signal # 4: She plays hard to get.

This is one of the most tricky female attraction signals. A lady who likes a guy would think that a man would not seriously take something that comes to him easily, or at least not for long.

It may also be some sort of a test, as she would think that a guy who can’t take a challenge may not be worthy of her.

Signal # 5: She is comfortable with you.

A girl who likes you will feel comfortable and secure in your company. You will know this when you notice habits and characteristics of her that may not be very flattering.

This means she can be herself around you, without pretenses, and be comfortable talking to you or hanging out with you.

Women send out female attraction signals, consciously or not. A guy just has to be observant and sensitive to tell which ones show how interested a lady is.

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