Thought it would be a great day to give you a few fast beauty fixes for the one thing we all want, but just at times can’t seem to have, glowing youthful looking skin.
Who doesn’t want lustrous, glowing skin? It gets you noticed in a crowd as someone who really cares about how she looks. Great skin is something that one can cultivate at any time. Doesn’t matter your skin type, a great skin care technique will make you forget about those days of hiding your bad skin.
Glowing Skin:
Tips you can do that help create the skin you have always wanted.
1~ Exfoliated your skin weekly. You can use pre-made products or create your own. There are many recipes out there for a simple face scrub. There are many recipes using fruits or vegetables that will exfoliated and leave your skin feeling baby soft. We recommend you test it on your arm before using it on your face. Exfoliating 2 -3 times a week removes dead skin cells to help your skin look younger.
2~Using natural/organic skincare products if at all possible. There are many brands available today so take your time to decide which works best for you.
3~ Never wear your makeup to bed! If you find yourself too tired to take the time to remove your makeup at bedtime, have on your bed stand handy makeup wipes. Not the best product to use all the time but your skin needs to breathe and if you leave your makeup on overnight it may cause your pores to get blocked and cause breakouts. That is the last thing your skin needs.
4~ Going outside? Don’t forget your sunscreen! Wearing sunscreen helps prevent sun damage and help the stop of premature wrinkles. You can’t undo sun damage that has been already been done but you can prevent more. Skin cancer is one of the biggest cancers that we can prevent by something as simple as remembering sunscreen. Recommend SPF 15 or higher.
5~ You need to stay hydrated and getting your sleep at night. There is truth in drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Tired-looking skin is often because you didn’t get enough sleep or drink enough water for that day. Get your 8 hours of sleep and drink your water can make your skin look younger by keeping your face looking softer. Drinking fluids for the day doesn’t mean diet soda either. Diet soda has salt in it which happens to be a drying agent used in many products. You are trying to keep your face from looking dry, drink water, iced tea without sugar and there are many different flavors that you just add to water to give it flavor if you don’t like the taste of water. Just look in the ingredients for no added sugars.
Youth doesn’t come from a jar it comes from doing simple things that have been working for centuries.

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