Buying a home is one of the biggest dreams of every individual. Not just the boomers but the millennials also have planned to buy their own homes by the age of 35. However, the skyrocketing property prices dissuade many from realizing this dream. But a new concept of micro homes is helping them realize their dream of buying their own home and that too in a metro city.

So, what are micro homes?
Simply speaking, these are comparatively smaller homes that can be purchased within a small budget and do not require a lot of money for its maintenance as well. They are self-contained single bedroom units that can be purchased at a smaller price. But what are the factors that are getting people inclined towards micro homes? Well, worry not! This post contains some interesting factors that might even compel you to buy a micro home.

A Home In The Metro City
Urbanization has swamped people to the cities and finding a home in such cramped cities is next to impossible. Whole most of the cities have become saturated, developers, builders, and many other players in real estate India are building new projects for micro homes in the cities. They do not require a lot of space and can even be developed in small areas. Those who want to have a home of their own in the metro cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and many others can always opt for micro homes.

Micro Homes Are Affordable
The Indian real estate market has seen a skyrocketing in its price. The appreciation rate has been phenomenal and prices have escalated quickly to touch the skies. Not all can afford to buy the palatial homes, duplexes, bungalows or a 2BHK or 3BHK apartment today. Micro homes give them the opportunity to call a house their own home without requiring them to burn a hole in their pocket or get burdened by a hefty loan for their lifetime. They are small compact homes that come with a much smaller price tag.

They Are Easy To Maintain
Another reason that is leading people to buy micro homes instead of the big palatial homes is that these small houses are easier to maintain. Seeing the time crunch that people are facing and the kind of busy their lives have become, it is not easy to keep a big house well maintained. Micro homes offer the home owners the benefits of a small space that does not require a lot of efforts to be maintained.

They Have High Resale Value
As the concept of micro homes is gaining traction, the demand for these homes is expected to increase in the coming times. It is believed that more people would be investing in micro homes in the coming five years. And we all know that real estate prices always escalate when the demand goes high. So, if you invest in a micro home today, you can certainly get a higher return on your investment in the coming years.

Nuclear Family Concept Is Gaining Popularity
Another factor that is adding to the popularity of micro homes is the concept of nuclear families. Earlier, people used to look for bigger homes because they had to be in a joint family and raise bigger families too. Now, the concept of living in joint families has lost its essence as people are migrating to urban areas and metro cities for better job opportunities. They want a home in the city where they can with live solo or with their partner and a child. Micro homes are great for this purpose.

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