Every day is a new opportunity for change. For many years after graduating with my bachelor’s degree I really struggled with my time. Always just making deadlines and procrastinating like no other. My social calendar was truly the best scheduled thing in my life. Everything else was done when I remembered it lol. But as I grew older I realized it was really no laughing matter. After achieving your childhood goals often we lose that focus. Got a degree and a good job so now it’s time to enjoy life & coast. Not saying don’t enjoy yourself, but lives are best fulfilled with intention & purpose.

So today I just wanted to share five elements of focus that will help you live a more productive & less stressful life:

1.) Vision or Purpose
Not everyone find’s their life purpose at the same time, but everyone does have values. Us as human beings are intrinsically motivated when we have a vision or a purpose we live for. I recommend some time of solitude to evaluate the present state of your life and to assess what you want out of it.

2. Goal Setting
We have to create goals for our vision/purpose will be nothing more than wishful thoughts. We have to give our intention the power to create or continue action. Designing achievable goals aligned with your vision is the answer.

3. Action Planning
With every goal there needs to be an action plan. When you break down anything into manageable steps it takes the overwhelming feeling away. When you know the steps to your destination, you empower yourself with the small victories along the way. Once you create the snowball effect called momentum nothing will stop you from achieving your goals.

4. Habit/Time Assessment
What keeps us grounded more than anything is our bad habits. Our routine actions can be so detrimental to our progress. Taking a honest look at how we waste our time on a daily basis is where we could begin. Cut back on email checking, television, social media usage, and text messaging as they are some of the common time wasters. Also negative self talk must be eliminated. Your thoughts & words stop dreams more than anything else

5. Discipline

Scheduling & Prioritization are the biggest aids to develop discipline. Depending on willpower only will lead to failure. Why do you think most people can never stick to a diet? Learning good time management habits will help you develop the discipline. It will be that call to action for you to defeat the enemy called procrastination.

I hope you all enjoyed this article as I shared some insight into how I have learned to increase my productivity. So come back on weekly basis to my expert page to enjoy similar content articles that help with your self growth.

Author's Bio: 

Ramone Bellagamba is President and Partner of Executive Lifestyle Group, LLC a New York City based professional training company specializing in Life Coaching, Mentoring and Public Speaking.

As a Time Management/Productivity Coach Ramone's focus is on guiding clients who want to increase their productivity and profits discover a process so they can build the business of their dreams, work smarter rather than harder, and live a life with a lot less stress.

Learn more about Ramone and read more of his content at his blog: www.lifelivewell.com