No matter how much potential a business has, it can never be successful without the owners spending a lot of time marketing it to potential customers. That being said, the following are a few effective tips on marketing that anyone can implement to gain a strong client base within a relatively short time.
1. Be resourceful
Most businesses usually have small budgets meaning that you should concentrate your marketing efforts to areas where sales can be generated within a relatively short time. For instance, you can develop an eBook for marketing your best products and either give it away or sell it. The eBook should show readers where to get the product by providing conspicuous links to a website or directions to a store. Free eBook marketing is usually very effective and results in sales over a long time.

2. Use social media
Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are very popular with businesses because it is very easy to get converting customers with very little cash outlay. All a marketer needs to do is to create a fan page and start marketing it to millions of registered users by using paid and free means. Social media allows a business owner to develop relationships with current and potential clients which usually results in solid conversions.

3. Use joint promotion tactics
You can find other businesses in your area that complement yours and combine your marketing budgets, clientele and intellectual ability in order to get greater reach. For instance, a car repair shop can team up with the supplier of a certain spare part. This means that the more clients the car repair shop gets, the more parts the supplier sells. This usually results in a large number of sales with relatively lower expenditures. This is one of the tips on marketing that works with complementing business and not with competitors.

4. Personalize
This is one of the most effective business marketing tips because the potential client can easily identify with your business. You should use hand written notes, ads and fliers designed to attract the attention of people in a certain locality as opposed to using mass produced ones. You should use a conversational tone like “Hello members of XYZ Street? Check out this new product”. The result will be a greater interest and therefore more conversions because readers will know that they are dealing with another human being. This method requires a large time investment but very little cash.

5. Email marketing
Any business owner should only use business marketing tips that promise to deliver sustained revenues over a long time period. One of the most effective and cost effective ways is by using email marketing. Getting valid email addresses from current and potential clients gives you the chance to develop unique B2C relationships. This then allows you to get important market information about your products without having to spend a fortune. For instance, you can send out a survey to your subscribers asking them about the strongest and weakest points about a specific product. You can then use this accurate market data to tweak your products which results in higher sales.

There are many other tips on marketing that you can use to increase your client base with relatively little expenditure. All you have to do is give each tip a unique twist to make it more eye catching to potential clients.

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