Do you live in a multi-story building?

If yes, stairs are the connecting dots that make your multi-story building into a sweet home. So, it's essential to keep it clean and beautiful as an integral part of your house. Whether you have naked stairs or carpet covered stairs, it's necessary to keep it clean. This way, you ensure the complete safety of whosoever uses the stairs and move from one floor to another.

But the million-dollar question is, how can you keep the stairs clean? Below listed are five quick and easy ways to keep it clean.

Declutter Your Stairs: Leaving personal items on the stairs makes it messy and tedious to move from one floor to the other. Hence you should ensure the stairs are free from unnecessary items and personal belongings. Your home has dedicated wardrobe for keeping your belongings. Keeping personal items also makes it hazardous for kids and older people to use your stairs. If you have junk stuff placed on the stairs, bring them in order and remove

Use Vacuum Cleaner Regularly: Regular up-keeping of your stairs is essential to remove dust and dirt from the stairs and keep it clean. Skipping regular maintenance will create a dust layer, which will be hard to remove and start damaging the stairs. Remember, different types of vacuum cleaners available for your stairs. Many online sources can recommend the ideal option enlisted with their pros and cons. StuffedAbode is one of the best resources to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner. However, if you want to find the best vacuum cleaner for your stairs, this article will definitely help you.

Dust Your Stairs: Many times, you can't rely 100% on the vacuum cleaner. You also need manual efforts to remove dust. Use a clean cloth to remove dust from the stairs. Don't forget to clean the crease and corners that are more affected by the dust. Remember, never use a hard cloth or rub hard-handed on the stairs that might bring scratches on it.

Scrub Your Stairs (Occasionally): If you find required, do hand scrubbing of the stairs and bring it back to its actual state. However, hand scrubbing must include the use of shampoo and hot water. Hot water removes strains more conveniently compared to normal water. Furthermore, the shampoo will support hot water and clean your stairs to the fullest. However, it is highly recommended to ask an interior designer for the right consultation. You should avoid using water and shampoo if you have wood stairs.

Avoid Using Chemicals (Important): You should always use water and shampoo to clean the stairs. It is never prescribed to use chemicals that may damage your stairs. However, many stair cleaning services include chemicals, which aren’t recommended until you have strong strains on the stairs.

So, these are some tips that will help you keep the stairs' real beauty and maintain your interior home decoration to the fullest. However, you should consult your interior designer for the right way to clean the stairs and make it look attractive.

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