Who doesn’t want to be smart? Having strong intellectual abilities can be very helpful throughout your life. But just because being smart is important, it doesn’t mean everyone is actively trying to achieve it. However, if you consider yourself an ambitious person who really wants to be smarter, there are actually several activities you can start doing to strengthen your intelligence. Most of them are really fun and take up very little time of your day. Keep reading to discover the 5 easiest habits to make you a smart person and start practicing them!


It shouldn’t be a secret to you that reading can significantly expand your mind. When you pick up a book, you’re learning new facts, adding words to your vocabulary and getting information about practically any topic. It doesn’t even have to be a book! Nowadays, thanks to the internet, you have literally any article, blog post, opinion, research, novel or book ever written in the palm of your hands. Take advantage of this and make time to read at least half an hour a day. Another great tip to help you be smarter is to purposefully pick articles or writings that go against your opinion or beliefs. There’s nothing more eye-opening and enlightening that learning you might’ve been wrong about a certain topic.

2.Online gaming

This might come as a surprise, but online gaming can be much more beneficial than you’d think. Playing games online gets your mind to work, activating your logical thoughts while trying to solve all sorts of problems or processes. Online gaming is not only very entertaining, it can increase your mental abilities and help you sort out problems in real life. Another great side effect of online gaming is that you can relieve the stress accumulated throughout the day and just free your mind thinking of much lighter things. There are online gaming platforms like sbobet88 where you can let yourself go and get smarter while you have fun.

3.Write down your thoughts and ideas

People who really exercise their mental abilities actually has a passion for creating as well as consuming content or ideas. A great habit that’ll help you be smarter is to keep a journal or a notebook where you can write down creative ideas or solutions to everyday problems. You can even use this notebook just to write down your thoughts, stuff that happened to you throughout the day or come up with stories. Developing your creative skills equals a smarter brain! So, pick up your pen and start writing.

4.Start engaging in a productive hobby

Smart people don’t just do stuff once in a while to be the way they are. They create real habits that nurture their minds but also keeps them entertained. If you want to develop your intelligence try starting a new hobby with productive results. Sorry to tell you but binge-watching scary movies doesn’t count as a productive hobby. You could start writing short stories, reading one book per week, gardening or even pick up a new sport. The important thing is that the activity you’ll do is really helping you grow as a person either physically, mentally or spiritually.

5.Watch less TV

Yes, you read correctly. If you want to get smarter, you’re going to have to spend less time watching TV. Engaging in activities that “numb” your brain and get you thinking about nothing in particular have no real use for you. Sure, meditating is also about clearing your mind but with a healthy and brief purpose. So, when you feel like watching a screen to have fun try online gaming instead of binge-watching reality shows. And if you really like TV, at least try to pick educational programs or quiz shows to test your mind!

We know what you might be thinking. It can’t be this easy to be smarter! Well, exercising your mind is actually easier than you thought. All you need is some determination and consistency to start including these little habits into your daily life. Some days it will be easier and some days you’ll be tempted to fall into old habits but keep up and you’ll see results. Whether it’s by reading more texts of all kinds, writing down original ideas or even something as entertaining as online gaming, you can make room for these habits without a hassle. Soon enough you’ll realize your brain moves faster and you’re capable of retaining more information.

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