Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable some people get when the subject of money is brought up? Probably one of the most awkward questions you could ask someone is "How much money do you make?"

At least that was how I was raised. You just didn't talk about it. It was rude. It was a secret that you kept to yourself. Is that how is it was in your house?

Now, truth be told, I don't go around asking people how much they make. But there are a lot of people who are very open about this topic.

Here are a few tips on how you can have a positive relationship with money so you can simply relax and let the money flow towards you. Now who wouldn't want that?

1. Develop an attitude of richness. Look at the world around you and all the gifts that you have in your life. Surround yourself with pretty things, surround yourself with beauty. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make this happen. True wealth lies in what you chose to surround yourself with whether it's possessions or people.

2. If you experience any guilt around money put it in a box in your backyard, bury it and throw away the key. There is no guilt around having too much money or too little money. If this guilt is associated with a certain person then pay attention to your boundaries. You do not have to take on any of their feelings regarding your money situation or your money beliefs.

3. Money is not bad. Money is not mean or ungrateful or selfish. Certainly there are people who have money and behave in these ways, but it's not the money that is to blame. It's the people. There are as many wonderful, giving and selfless people with a great deal of money. They are using their money as a means to live their values.

4. Pay attention. Pay attention not only to the way that money comes into your life but also the way it goes out of your life. Are you someone who can hold on to your money? Do you save money each month? That's a beautiful way to have a positive relationship with money. Being in debt, especially credit card debt creates very unhealthy relationship with money. It feels bad to you personally but it also affects you in a negative way. Pay down your debt as soon as possible while at the same time saving. Two good deeds to build your relationship with money.

5. Pay yourself first even while you are paying down debt. I don't care how much you pay yourself but you must go through the motions. You don't want to send a message out to the universe that you don't want your money now, that you can wait until your debt is paid off. You want to draw money to you, not push it away. So each month or each week, pay yourself first.

As an entrepreneurial woman, think about the ways you deal with money in your business. Does it fit with your values? Does it resonate with your belief system and how you put yourself out into the world?

I do believe that taking stock of your money beliefs, being really honest with yourself is your first step towards earning an income that you deserve.

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