Hi-Ya 2021!!!
As 2020 comes to an end, it is more than important to continue being watchful about COVID-19 through safety masks, social-separation, and restricting person-to-person interaction. That means your New Years' Eve celebrations should include being safe and at home.
But it also does not mean, your New Year's Eve plans to need to be unimaginative and unspirited. There’s a myriad of fun and imaginative ways to close the year 2020 being at home.
Celebrate some of these ways!
Clothe Up!!
Who said you can’t put on your best clothes. Pull out your best attire to drop the ball this year, and experience great photo-opportunities this year. Dressing creatively calls for some luscious refreshments to match the ambiance.

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Fashion a light-hearted blend.
Make something light-hearted and special for the New Year. Toast your midnight with festive mock champagne sippers. These mock champagne sippers are a great place to get going. Share photos, recipes, and videos of your mock champagne with friends and family.

Photo credits – ohsodeliciso.com
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Announce a video-call with friends, family, and colleagues.
iFMeets has become a go-to for holiday festivities. This is a great way to assemble your loved one’s virtually and jump into the New Year. iFMeets gives you a great opportunity to make a wish, doodle with illustrations, host a New Party, share pictures, watch the Time Square countdown, and more.

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Propose a virtual toast with family and friends.
Despite every challenge, we’ve gone through this year, it is important to thank family and friends, and recognize some of the good pieces of 2020. So, raise your glasses with a reflective virtual toast for wrapping up 2020.

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Shower confetti when the clock strikes midnight.
Make the most of it when the clock strikes midnight. Even if 2020 has been dreadful and unfortunate, you can still count on some color with sparklers and confetti.

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While we wait to welcome the New Year, we may not be throwing a party or attending one, but we can still greet 2021 with friends, family, and colleagues. Try out the above ideas, and leverage iFMeets to connect with a bunch of people to create an amazing New Years' experience.
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