Stainless steel dry racks, shelving systems, and hanging drying lines; there are loads of accessible choices for drying pot plants. Still, these solutions come with their own challenges. Figure out the way that overhead racks can further develop your eventual outcome while expanding productivity and further developing work conditions for your representatives.

Higher Quality Product

In addition to the fact that hanging dry racks consider an all the more in any event, drying process that keeps up with more significant levels of cannabinoids and THC, yet they additionally limit the probability of different issues en route. Retires, screens, and drying lines can leave plants excessively near one another. Without even wind stream, dampness can develop, prompting mold and mildew growth.

Saves Floor Space for Cannabis Plants

On that note, drying rooms with floor racks can immediately become tricky as they limit how much space you have for your growing operations. Hang drying overhead continues to dry marijuana and hemp far removed, while considering more effective utilization of your current space.

More Controlled Environment

Utilizing hanging racks permits your item to dry all the more uniformly, making more predictable production and command over quality. Drying buds is a craftsmanship, and ill-advised drying can destroy a whole harvest. Huge business measures of marijuana and hemp drying require unique scrupulousness. Using overhead drying nets takes into consideration in any event, dividing and wind stream around your plants, even as your creation increments.

Reduce Labor Costs

Also, conventional hanging racks require huge groups to work as one, passing plant materials between ground groups and stepping stool groups. Lift and Grow racks lower with the press of a button, taking into consideration a more straightforward hanging process and diminishing work costs for cultivators.

Eliminate Safety Concerns

Lift and Grow's overhead racks use a similar innovation as our develop light lifting machines. The capacity to bring down racks permits representatives to chip away at the ground, diminishing the dangers of back wounds from coming to drape plants just as those related with being on stepping stools.

Improve Security
To wrap things up, our racks are lifted overhead, keeping your item unattainable all through the drying system. As an additional an insurance, our machines permit you to follow who has moved a lift and by how much.

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