It's that time of year again. For many allergy sufferers, what should be the best time of year can become a total drain of one's energy and a very unpleasant time. I actually used to suffer from quite severe pollen allergies, dust allergies and chemical sensitivities. The good news is that I have been allergy-free for the last few years and I never take pharmaceutical drugs, so solving the allergy conundrum is definitely possible. Here are 5 basic tips that can help you have a better spring.

1. Take a top-quality and very potent pharmaceutical grade concentrated fish oil. Fish oil has been proven again and again to reduce inflammation, including inflammation relating to allergies. For me, fish oil has worked better than any pharmaceutical product and is definitely the best supplement to take for allergy relief. However, many fish oils on the market today are not pharmaceutical grade and have not been properly tested for heavy metals. In order for fish oil to have great results, it has to be molecularly distilled and taken at a dose of at least six capsules per day.

2. Clean up your diet. I found that apart from fish oil, nothing had a greater effect on the way I felt during pollen season than eliminating all junk foods from my diet, especially sugar. Allergies are closely related to candida yeast overgrowth in the body and nothing feeds yeast like sugar does, especially fructose, or fruit sugar. I can honestly say that completely eliminating the sweet fruits from my diet was the most important thing I did to cure my allergies.

3. Reduce stress. My experience is that the more stress I had the more I suffered from allergies, and the less stress I had, the better I felt. Increased stress increases cortisol levels and cortisol causes more information, which is exactly what we want to avoid.

4. Vacuum and dust the house regularly. Once the respiratory passages become inflamed, they become more sensitive to more substances. The cleaner the air you breathe, the better.

5. Avoid perfumes and other chemicals. This includes avoiding pollution, if possible. As a matter of fact, a large study in Spain showed that people who live in high-pollen, low pollution areas had way fewer allergies than people who live in cities with exactly the same pollens but lots of industrial pollution.

Of all the above, I found that nothing was as effective as eating a natural diet, relaxing my outlook on life and taking high doses of pharmaceutical grade fish oil everyday. And I haven't taken a pharmaceutical drug in many years.

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