Believe it not, hip pain is one of the most common problems that affect people’s productivity every day. Apparently, the 2 common things that cause hip pain is either bursitis or arthritis. Moreover, you can also suffer from hip pain if you got carried away and overdone it after an intense exercise. Hip pain due to exercising too much can cause be caused by inflamed soft tissues like your tendons. But, you don’t have to worry too much since these tissues can heal on their own.
Just give them some time and you can recover after a few days. In case your hip pain is consistent on giving you problems, we recommend that you see a doctor right away. You can also try these handy tips to relieve your hip pain without spending big money:


Ice Pack Therapy

This is a very cost-effective solution since all you need is an ice pack to relieve your hip pain. Fill the ice pack with some ice and hold it over the area in pain for around 15 minutes. Repeat this for at least 3 times a day and take let your body relax until the pain recedes. If the ice didn’t do much to ease the pain, you can also try heating it. Just replace the ice with hot water and hold it again over the same area. In this case, be sure to use hot water and not boiling water.

Good Mattress Selection

First thing’s first, be sure that you have the right mattress or at least the best mattress topper (here is a list of good ones) that is specially made for relieving hip pain. In fact, choosing the right mattress topper can actually improve your overall health by giving you quality sleep. Whether you have a high-quality mattress or not, your topper can give you the extra cushion when you lie in bed.

Low-Impact Exercises and Physical Therapy

Dealing with arthritis isn’t that easy especially if you don’t you even know that you have it. However, you can avoid the costly medication and hip surgeries by consulting your doctor about exercises. A regular low-impact exercise together with some stretching and resistance training can help relieve hip pains. At the same time, these physical activities can help enhance your joints’ mobility.

You can even try sport since swimming is a form of non-impact exercise that is great for relieving arthritis. Signing up for physical therapy can help you enhance your movements and avoid making your hips pain worse. However, just remember not to overdo it and stick with less intense activities. Of course, this includes doing yoga, riding a bike, walking on any flat surface, and more.

Enough Rest

Before you splurge money on expensive solutions the first time you experience body pains, drop everything first and rest. Having enough rest every day is the key to keeping your overall health in check. To avoid making your condition get worse, experts recommend patients to take a rest for at least 24 – 48 hours. This way, your body can do its own work and heal faster. You can also rest with your feet up to soothe your hip faster.


Whether you have mild or major hip pain, consulting your doctor and executing exercise therapy helps a lot. As a matter of fact, studies show that exercise therapy can actually help patients with hip pain to avoid surgeries. When done properly, you can actually save yourself from tons of medical bills and more pain from surgeries.
Be sure that you also transact with reliable stores only when you buy the best mattress topper for hip pain. With these tips with an extra cushion, you can now sleep better without waking up in pain.

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